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Executive Leadership Institute


School-Based Intermediate Supervisors Institute

The School Based Intermediate Supervisors Institute (SBISI) is designed as a two-year leadership seminar series (Series I and II) to build, expand and enhance fundamental school leadership skills and knowledge through a wide variety of "nuts and bolts" strategies, engagement in critical thinking scenarios, and exploration of educational leadership-related literature.

There are 8 workshops in the School Based Intermediate Supervisors Institute series in the 2017-2018 school year.
Below are the current workshop titles.

Series I:

Series I Day 1: Competencies, Knowledge and Skills for New School Leaders
Series I Day 2: Promoting Effective Teams
Series I Day 3: Difficult Conversations for School Leaders
Series I Day 4: Letter Writing: A Pathway to Improving Teaching Practices
Series I Day 5: Supporting Educators in the use of Formative Assessments
Series I Day 6: Feedback and Communication Skills
Series I Day 7: Using Data Strands to Promote Student Achievement
Series I Day 8: The Tenure Process: Are You Ready?

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Series II:

Series II Day 1: Instructional Leadership and Reflection
Series II Day 2: Developing Effective Facilitation Skills
Series II Day 3: Clearly Communicating an Instructional Vision
Series II Day 4: Fostering a Positive School Culture
Series II Day 5: School Change: Practices and Decisions
Series II Day 6: Growth Mindset to Enhance Professional Practice
Series II Day 7: Strategic Planning for School Leaders
Series II Day 8: Self-Reflection for Leadership Growth

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The Executive Leadership Institute has an Educational Learning Center (ELC) in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

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