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The Sun Will Shine on Your Parking Space Once More

posted on 05/09/2017

Parking permits are on their way. Really. They are.

"It has been easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the city to sort out this leftover injustice from the Bloomberg days," said CSA President Ernest Logan. "And for too long, this camel wasn't even moving. Now, we have finally made progress."

Here is how it will work. What follows is according to a statement by the Department of Education. The DOE will shortly begin to issue parking permits to school-based and other members of CSA, DC 37 and UFT.

These permits only allow the user to park at schools in the designated school parking areas as indicated on parking signs, and in no other locations. The city is issuing the permits as a result of a legal decision and negotiations between unions, the DOE and the city of New York. [CSA litigated and won the permits but the city decided on its own to grant permits to teachers as well.]

The permits for school-based staff will be school specific – that is, they will indicate the name of each school and the permissible streets for parking. These school-specific permits can only be used to park in the designated areas at the school displayed on the permit and not for any other school. School-based staff who work in more than one school will be issued permits for each of the schools they work in.

Principals will be able to print out a one-day generic permit to use if they need to attend a meeting at a different school. Finally, permits for CSA, UFT and DC 37 staff not based in a school such as central or field office staff will also be generic, permitting the user to park at school sites they visit.

Each DOE permit will be numbered and only given out after a valid car registration and driver's license is shown to the school principal or designee. Schools must maintain a log of all permits given out showing which numbered permit was given to which individual.

The current DOT permits that schools have are still in effect until next November. Either a current DOT or new DOE permit makes the user eligible to park in designated school parking areas.

Please note that there is no increase in the number of parking spaces for each school.

Therefore, the additional permits will not increase the ability of staff to obtain a parking spot in a designated area.

The new DOE permits will be issued over the next several weeks as follows:

- School-based staff will receive permits first.

- Non-school-based central and field office staff will receive permits after school-based permits have been issued.

*This article appears in the May 2017 issue of the CSA News.