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Supervisory Support Program

THE SUPERVISORY SUPPORT PROGRAM is a professional development resource for Principals, Assistant Principals, Education Administrators and other supervisors and administrators employed by the Department of Education. SSP was established in the 1988 contract between the city and CSA, and opened for business on Aug. 28, 1989. It is housed at CSA's Manhattan headquarters and staffed by experienced school leaders, on leave from the DOE, who provide confidential mentoring to CSA members.

SSP's goal is to help supervisors meet performance standards. The program assists supervisors to:

• Enhance and upgrade supervisory skills to improve instruction
• Reach and maintain high levels of effective leadership
• Improve and develop professional development techniques
• Develop planning and performance strategies
• Provide a stable and safe environment, conducive to academic and professional growth

If you're a CSA member who has any of the following concerns, SSP might be for you.

Time management issues, stress, improving instruction, engaging the community or managing your budget.

We can help you to:

• Create and offer meaningful professional development
• Enhance personal relationships
• Develop effective programs
• Provide a safe, secure learning environment
• Use data to inform instructional decisions

How are services delivered?
SSP provides on-site individualized coaching. In addition, the program offers small and large group seminars and workshops. Groups may come together through shared needs, interests, or district/region/central request.

How Does SSP work?
Following initial meetings with you and your rating officer, we'll co-develop an action plan with you. You'll receive mentoring through visits. These sessions are intended to help you identify the best options to effectively meet your goals and objectives.

How long can the SSP work with me?
We work with individuals from a minimum of three months to a maximum of a year. Group sessions vary according to need, request or availability of resources.

What else should I know about the program?
To participate, probationary supervisors require the approval of their immediate supervisors. Tenured supervisors are exempt from disciplinary write-ups for the first three months. All communication between the team member and the participating supervisor is completely confidential. Team members, participants and immediate supervisors agree to the confidentiality provisions set forth in the CSA contract.

What professional development approaches are used?

• Reflective dialogue - Coaching
• Instructional walkthroughs - Sharing
• Administrative walkthroughs - Study groups
• Modeling - Action research
• Conferences - Presentations
• Intervisitation - Shadowing

Who are the service providers?

The SSP intervenors are experienced Principals and Assistant Principals who are highly trained in mentoring and coaching skills.

For more information, contact ssp@csa-nyc.org or email us individually.

Sonia Martinez-Nieves,
SSP Coordinator

Kim Wanliss,
SSP Intervenor

Willena George,
SSP Intervenor

Tim Gannon,
SSP Intervenor

George Andrews,
SSP Intervenor