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DOE Member: Contracts


Contract Documents: DOE (2003-2010)

On April 23rd 2007, CSA reached a tentative contract agreement with the City and the Department of Education. The deal was ratified on May 16th, 2007, by a vote of 3633 to 266 (93%).

Compensation Accrual Fund

The Compensation Accrual Fund was established as part of the 2003-2010 contract agreement between CSA and the city. Department of Education members are entitled to $708 each year on Dec. 9. You must be on payroll on Dec. 9 of each year to participate in the annual deposit into your account. The first deposit, as required by the contract, was made on Dec. 9, 2009. You may download a comprehensive summary plan description HERE.

1) A CSA-hired administrator manages the members' accounts.
2) An investment firm manages the investment of the funds.
3) The money becomes available when a member is no longer part of CSA.

To enroll: Members must return a form to PRG, the fund administrator.

You may download an enrollment form HERE.

You may download an election form for eligible distributions for plan participants, surviving spouses, alternate payees or non-spouse beneficiary(s) HERE.

Mail the form to PRG, 276 Fifth Ave., Suite 1011, New York, NY 10001. If you have questions, please contact PRG at (212) 779-4760.