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CSA First Vice President Randi Herman Announces Retirement

Dr. Randi Herman has announced that she will retire as CSA First Vice President, effective February 1.

Randi made the announcement at the Jan. 18 Executive Board meeting in Founders Hall at CSA headquarters.

After updating the Board on school climate and safety and the Early Childhood Education directors' contract, Randi drew moans from the group when she said ""That brings me to my last item, which is to let you know this will be my last report.

"I have decided that to everything there is a season, and this one is mine."

The Board gave her a standing ovation.

CSA President Ernest Logan called Randi "my pit bull when it comes to getting on the Department of Education for the silly stuff they do."

And though she might retire, he said Randi "is always on call."

Randi served as First Vice President for a decade and has been a CSA member for over thirty years.

She said she and husband Bruce plan to "travel and relax."

The Board voted to have CSA Treasurer Henry Rubio replace Randi as First Vice President. Christopher Ogno will replace Rubio as Treasurer.