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Executive Board

The CSA Executive Board is the legislative body of the union and is comprised of the elected officers of CSA as well as elected representatives based on membership in all job classifications as well as districts and high school boroughs. The Executive Board makes policy, endorses candidates and keeps the officers informed about issues in the field.

CSA members elect Executive Board representatives; the Retiree Chapter elects two representatives. Elections are held every three years following the election of officers. The Executive Board meets once a month. (The Executive Board minutes are available below.)

To view the 2017-2018 CSA Executive Board meeting calendar, please click HERE

Districts 1-6 Manhattan (Executive Board)

Districts 7-12 Bronx (Executive Board)

District 13-23, 32 Brooklyn (Executive Board)

Districts 24-30 Queens (Executive Board)

Borough High Schools (Executive Board)

Districts 75 & 79 (Executive Board)

District 31 Staten Island (Executive Board)

Borough Education Administrators (Executive Board)

Membership Classification