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Member Headlines

Tell Congress: No "Fast Track" for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Tell Congress: No "Fast Track" for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretive agreement made between hundreds of lobbyists and government bureaucrats. To read more about the issue and connect to your representatives, please click HERE or watch THIS video. 

CSA Responds to Gov. Cuomo's 2015-16 Budget Proposal

CSA's 2015-16 legislative agenda is primarily a response to Gov. Cuomo's 2015-16 budget proposal. Gov. Cuomo is attempting to force the hand of the legisture by tying his education reforms to the passage of the budget. CSA has come out against such strong-arm tactics, as have many education advocates. The appropriate funding of schools should not be linked to Gov. Cuomo's political agenda. 

Some items on the union's legislative agenda are perennials - the request for state funding of the Executive Leadership Institute, for example. The state has provided money to ELI for two years in a row, and CSA is optimistic that the state will continue to support this program.

Other items on CSA's list of priorities are support of mayoral control, opposition to changes to the APPR and support of the Dream Act. To read more about  CSA's legislative agenda, click...

Protect Public Postal Service, Stop Using Staples

AFSA, CSA's national organization, is joining the American Postal Workers Union in its fight against Staples and its attempt to use poorly trained Staples employees at knock-off postal locations. This is a blatant attempt by a corporation to privatize a vital public service we treasure as a nation.

The American Postal Workers Union is organizing an alliance of organizations and unions to save our postal service. AFSA supports the alliance and asks that you also join and take action. To read more, please click...

CSA President Ernest Logan on the 2015-2016 State Budget Agreement

CSA President Ernest Logan issued a statement on March 31 in response to the 2015-2016 State Budget Agreement that mandates an independent evaluator in teacher observations:

“Once again, the state is ignoring the advice of educators in the formulation of laws that will have an enormous impact on the education of children as well as on a teacher’s career. Rarely does one see...

CSA Latino Caucus Sponsors "Professional Learning Day"

In collaboration with Fordham University and NYU, the CSA Latino Caucus will hold a Professional Development Day at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics at 260 Pleasant Ave. in East Harlem on April 25 from 8 am to 3 pm.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Nancy Cloud, author of numerous books on English Language Learners and Professor of ELLs Programs at Rhode Island University.

CSA’s Supervisory Support Program will present the following workshops: “School Safety and Security,” “ELLs: New Changes to Part 154,” “Time Management: Reducing Stress and Improving Productivity,” and  “Calm Down and Get Test Ready: Strategies to Decrease Test Anxiety.” 

Participants will earn up to five professional development...

CSA President Ernest Logan Talks Educator Respect with LaborPress

The president of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators said in a LaborPress video interview on April 7 that educators around the country, including New York, are facing an increasing barrage of disrespect while those setting education policy go undetected. 

LaborPress will honor CSA President Ernest Logan at their Annual Labor Leadership Award dinner on June 4. 

Voice Your Opposition to Gov. Cuomo's Education Proposals

CSA is encouraging its members to attend one of the UFT’s town hall forums that our sister union is holding this month concerning Gov. Cuomo’s devastating education proposals, which he presented in the 2015-16 Executive Budget last month.
Those proposals include changes to the new teacher and Principal evaluation systems that would increase the importance of state tests in ratings, put low-performing schools into a state receivership, and weaken our due process rights. Gov. Cuomo has also tied an increase in state funding to a forced approval of his education proposals.
Show up and be counted in the fight against these anti-educator and anti-education proposals!

The March of Dimes (Staten Island Division) is Named CSA's Charity of Choice for 2015

For more than 75 years, the national non-profit has championed the health of women and babies.The non-profit's mission is to prevent birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality by providing mothers and pregnant women with educational resources on pregnancy and baby health. “I am thrilled that CSA has designated the March of Dimes as its charity of choice for 2015!” said Mary Anne Semon, Staten Island Division Director.“The constituents of CSA have dedicated their professional lives to the growth and development of children so our partnership is a natural fit,” she said.


CSA Says "No" to Outside Teacher Evaluators

CSA President Ernest Logan, in Thursday's Daily News, takes on Gov. Cuomo's proposal for consultants to observe teachers as part of his plan to overhaul teacher evaluations. "It should be obvious that the responsibility lies with the principals and assistant principals who understand a school’s goals, culture and, above all, its teachers, students and parents." To read the full article, please click...

Tell Congress to Support Principals in Reauthorization of ESEA

The ESEA, known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), does not provide principals with adequate support, training and resources but still holds them accountable if their schools fail to make adequate yearly progress (AYP). Congress is now rapidly working to reauthorize ESEA, which presents a tremendous opportunity to elevate the role of principals in improving student achievement, and have their voices heard. To read more, please click HERE

CSA Answers Questions About Holiday Periods and Increased Workday

We have received many questions, specifically around working during school holiday/vacation periods and the increased workday on Mondays and Tuesdays, vis-à-vis our new contract. We have put together the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

If you still have questions, please contact CSA Director of Grievances Bob Reich ( or Assistant Director Jermaine Garden ( with any questions you may have.

To download a PDF, click HERE.


CSA Submits Testimony on Early Childhood Education

CSA First Vice President Randi Herman submitted testimony on early childhood education today (March 17) to the City Council. CSA is pushing for the Department of Education to administer Early Childhood Education contracts, removing the Administration of Children's Services (ACS) from the process.

In her testimony, Dr. Herman says, " Let’s end ACS oversight of EarlyLearn and transfer ECE contract administration to the DOE, achieve salary parity and get a fair contract in place. Also, expediting the repair of NYCHA facilities that house Early Childhood Education programs is crucial."


Nominate a Candidate for the CSA Leadership Scholarship

CSA is pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for its $1,500 Leadership Scholarships for college-bound students. The scholarship is available to all students graduating from a New York City Public School who will be attending college in the fall. The CSA Scholarship is unique: It is not based on a student’s GPA or SAT scores, but for leadership abilities in and outside of school as well as overcoming economic or personal hardships.


NYC Public Schools Add Two Muslim Holidays to the School Calendar

For the first time, two Muslim holidays will be included in the NYC public school calendar beginning in 2015-16.

CSA President Ernest Logan said, "Our city's strength has always been its diversity, a rich mix of people that ebbs and flows as waves of immigrants come here to seek a better life. Our newcomers bring so much with them including their holidays, so it is right that our school calendar reflects these changes to our communities."

Schools will be closed on Eid al-Adha, The Festival of the Sacrifice, and Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. This fall,  Eid al-Adha will be celebrated on Sept. 24. Schools will...

Critical Meeting for Early Childhood Education Members

CSA will hold a meeting for its Early Childhood Education members on Friday, March 20, in the Bronx.

It is critical that you, our members, attend. We will provide an update on our City Council advocacy efforts on behalf of our ECE members as well as our efforts to improve the structure of early childhood education as it is offered by the city.

Three major topics: CSA’s ECE members have not had a contractual raise in nearly a decade; ECE Directors are now making less than UPK teachers; and EarlyLearnNY has placed a huge financial burden on early childhood education centers. CSA believes it’s time to make major changes, and with the current administration, it’s possible to create the momentum to make those changes.

Friday’s meeting will be a follow-up...

CSA Executive Director of Operations Honored by Education Update 

CSA's Exectuve Director of Operations Erminia Claudio is honored by Education Update in their March/April issue as one of their Women Shaping History 2015. Since 2002, Education Update has honored women leaders and innovators for their accomplishments and contributions to society. To read a brief write-up about Erminia, please click HERE

E4EA Honors Six Principals at Soiree

The Entertainers4Educators Alliance held its annual Principal Soiree on March 2 and honored six CSA members for their exceptional leadership as Principals. The party began at 5:30 p.m. at Hudson Terrace on Manhattan's west side where food, cocktails and music were served up to a crowd ready to party. During the awards ceremony, E4EA screened a video about each honoree that reflected the individual school leader's vision and gave the audience a window on what made the school special. The honorees, in alphabetical order, are: Jodie Cohen of James Madison High School, Brooklyn; Paulette Foglio of PS 99, Queens; Angela Green of JHS 8, Queens; Dakota Keyes of PS 272, Brooklyn; Patricia Minaya of the Urban Assembly School of Business for Young Women, Manhattan; and Shawn Rux of MS 53, Queens. The officers...

Chancellor Appoints Field Support Center Directors

Chancellor Carmen Fariñna announced the appointment of seven new Borough Field Support Center Directors as part of her restructuring of the Department of Education. The changes reflect the Chancellor’s goal, as outlined in her January speech at the Association for a Better New York, for a more streamlined educational system. To read the release, please click HERE....

Two Meetings for Early Childhood Education Members

CSA has two events planned this month for Early Childhood Education members.
1) CSA will hold a membership meeting for  Early Childhood Education Directors and Assistant Directors at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 13 at CSA's Manhattan office. CSA's officers and staff will provide an update on contract negotiations; a representative from CIRS will answer pension questions. Members will be required to show identification. To register, please click HERE.

2) We're beginning our 2015 advocacy campaign to focus attention on early childhood education issues. To that end, CSA will hold a meet-and-greet breakfast for City Council members and CSA's early childhood members at 8:30 a.m...

Chancellor Launches New Structure: Emphasizes Accountability

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña announced Thursday a retooling of the “network” system implemented by the Bloomberg administration, to be augmented with a cohesive geographically based superintendent system, seven borough centers, and a continued relationship with nonprofit partnership support organizations.

The Chancellor explained her management plan during a breakfast sponsored by the Association for a Better New York (ABNY)....

Cell Phone Ban Lifted

The DOE announced Wednesday (1/7) that it planned to lift the school cell phone ban. While CSA still awaits the official policy for review, the policy’s main thrust is that individual Principals in collaboration with their School Leadership Teams will develop rules for their schools. The DOE has said that it will provide guidance in this matter. We look forward to hearing what that guidance is.

The ban, meanwhile, remains in effect until after the DOE’s Panel for Educational Policy approves the new policy in late February. Chancellor Carmen Farina sent this letter to CSA members. To read, please click ...

CSA Members Ratify Historic Contract With 91 Percent of Vote

Members of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) today resoundingly ratified a new contract that gives raises totaling 18 percent. The nine-year contract passed with 91% of the vote and runs through April 2019.

Over the past six months, CSA remained a united union, unified in its position to ensure retroactive pay in the context of a solid overall agreement for its members. It remains unified today in overwhelming support for ratification.  Every single member promoted from a UFT represented position to a CSA represented position between 2009 and 2020 will receive their lump sum payments in full, which the union fought hard for.

The contract includes the two four-percent raises from the last round...

PERB Hands CSA Parking Permits Win

A NYS Public Employment Relations Board administrative law judge has ordered the DOE and the city to restore the distribution of parking permits to the system it employed prior to the fall of 2008. The union’s legal battle with the city began that year after Mayor Bloomberg reduced the number of city-issued parking permits by 20 percent affecting an estimated 70,000 city employees including CSA’s DOE member.

Although the union is pleased about the decision, union officials remain cautious about predicting when parking permits may actually be distributed because the city and the Department of Education could appeal this decision to the full Public Employment Relations Board. We’ll keep you posted once we talk with the city.

CSA Answers Questions About the Proposed Contract

CSA's officers and staff have compiled a list of questions that members have asked since the announcment of the proposed contract on Dec. 6.

To view a PDF of these questions and answers, please click here

QUESTION: Who is entitled to retroactive pay?...

We've Posted Salary Schedules/Examples of Retro Pay

CSA has drafted a document that includes the estimated new salary schedules for most titles. To view the document, please click HERE.

The proposed contract that CSA includes retro pay. Many of our members have asked, "How much will I get?"

While we cannot answer individual questions at this time, we've calculated some examples to give you an idea as to how much you might receive. Please click HERE to download a PDF >

We've calculated the retro for a High School Principal, an Elementary/Middle School Assistant Principal, an Education Administrator Level III, a...

CSA Forges Agreement on Teacher Observations

In response to your feedback about your punishing workload, CSA has forged an agreement for a fourth option, where teachers rated effective have a right to select an option of four rather than six informal evaluations of their classroom work. We are aware that your IPCs have started and we have conveyed to the DOE the critical importance of DOE delivering timely guidance on the implementation of this agreement.
We have urged the DOE to be mindful of your time and to immediately put a process in place so that you do not need to reconvene any IPCs already held.