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Member Headlines

Leaders to Leaders Youth Summit

The goal of the Leaders to Leaders Youth Summit is to inspire young leaders to take charge by empowering them with knowledge of the possibilities, skills, and the training they need to turn ideas into action.  Students will engage with New York City’s top change makers by discussing pressing diversity issues and developing a network of youth leaders.  Participants will then go back to their communities, where they will implement a diversity project.  YouthBridge-NY will then follow-up with them in the spring to evaluate their progress.

This year's conference takes place on Friday, March 7, from 8:30am to 1pm. 

Council Member Jumaane D. Williams will be this year's keynote speaker. For more information, please visit


CSA President Ernest Logan Speaks Out in Support of District 2 Principals as They Protest High-Stakes Testing

“CSA supports the Principals of District 2 as they stand behind their students and parents in opposing the overreliance on high-stakes testing that developed during the last mayoral administration. We recognize that the new chancellor is moving in the right direction with her proposed changes to the promotional policy. The solidarity that our Principals are showing with their school communities right now will help change things faster. It will take a great deal of effort to turn around the overreliance on testing that has become entrenched in the culture.”

Read Full Press Release >

Taking it to the Streets: Principals Protest Exam

They’ve had it.
On Friday, April 11, more than 30 Principals spanning Manhattan’s District 2, led lively demonstrations of parents, students, administrators and teachers in protest of the recent 2014 NYS English Language Arts (ELA) exam.
However, these protests may well be the beginning of a backlash against frequent high-stakes testing.  
“It’s not just this one exam and it’s not just District 2,” said Principal Terri Ruyter, PS 276. “Our frustration is shared all over the region and throughout the state. I think we need to evaluate how much testing is too little or too much.”
The tipping point may be the recent 2014 ELA test widely criticized by teachers and Principals, for, among other things: ambiguous questions that left even teachers scratching their heads; poor alignment with Common Core...

CSA Supports Mayor de Blasio's UPK Plan

This afternoon, CSA President Ernest Logan and CSA Executive Vice President Mark Cannizzaro testified before the Senate Finance Committee on the executive budget proposals for education. In his testimony, President Logan stressed the need for increased school aid, the importance of access to quality early education and ongoing professional development for school leaders. You can read the full testimony HERE.

Newly Introduced Voucher Bills Undercut Public Education 

State Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Tim Scott (R-SC) have introduced two voucher bills that will shift a percentage of federal education spending and federal special-education spending into scholarships and vouchers. This kind of legislation drains money from public schools and reduces accountability in our education system. NASSP (National Association for Secondary School Principals) is asking for your support. Send an email to your Senators today to tell them to oppose these bills.

You can take action HERE.

Good News as Arbitrator Upholds CSA Contract

An arbitrator today sustained the CSA grievance that systemwide rotation of excessed Assistant Principals violates the CSA contract. The arbitrator ordered that the DOE cease and desist from its policy of rotating excessed Assistant Principals on a monthly basis. CSA will meet with the DOE to discuss the implementation of this award and will be in touch with members again shortly. After so much effort, we are gratified by this outcome.

CSA President Ernest Logan Praises Assistant Principals

Assistant Principals are called the backbone of the school system by people who understand the culture of a school including Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. In this month's column in the CSA News, President Ernest Logan remembers his own service as an Assistant Principal with particular pleasure and writes about the multiple skills an Assistant Principal must bring to the plate to succeed.

Read More >

2012-2013 Performance Differentials Announced for Early Childhood,  K-8, Elementary, Middle, High School, Transfer High School, D75 and D79

The NYC Department of Education has announced the list of (DOE) Early Childhood,  K-8, Elementary, Middle, High School, D75, D79 and Transfer High Schools eligible for the 2012-2013 CSA Performance Differential. Awards range from $5,000 to $25,000 for Principals and from $2,500 to $12.500 for Assistant Principals. The Performance Differential will be paid on the 4/15/2014 paycheck for active members and on the 4/17/2014 Supplemental Payroll for members that have retired or separated from service

Tier Amounts                                               ...

Early Childhood Education Workshops 

The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) is facilitating a professional development workshop for Early Childhood CSA members, and principals of schools with pre-kindergarten classes. Please find details of the workshop listed below: 
Title: Teacher Feedback for Early Childhood Directors
Description: This workshop will:
  • Engage participants in examining the NYC DOE Shifts and the implications of Universal Pre-K CBO Instructional Expectations.
  • Examine best practices of teacher feedback.
  • ...

Victory for all Tenured Educators

This week, the State’s highest court sided with CSA over SCI in a case we litigated on behalf of a tenured Assistant Principal to protect her right not to testify in an investigative interview where she was a subject.  SCI had initially challenged the privilege that CSA asserted for the AP.  Every court that heard the argument sided with CSA.  This week’s decision from the Court of Appeals is final.  This is a victory not just for tenured CSA members but for all tenured educators statewide.

Principals Can Now Ask for Written Feedback

After much discussion with the DOE, CSA is pleased to announce that Principals may request and receive written feedback from their evaluators following a PPO visit. You should request it within 5 days of your evaluation.  We recommend that once you request and receive your feedback, you develop a plan with your superintendent, and use your Network team as support, to incorporate the evaluator’s recommendations into your professional practice. This will be retroactive to February 1.

CSA Applauds Education Victories in State Budget

CSA applauds the state budget decision which marks an important victory for New York City's public school children. Thanks to the vision of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has made universal pre-K part of the national conversation, NYC's pre-school aged children, particularly the underserved, will have the opportunity to attend pre-kindergarten and enter subsequent grades better prepared to meet academic standards. Another important part of this victory encompasses our middle school children -- who are at a critical transitional age -- opening for them the opportunity to participate in substantive educational afterschool programs.  We greatly admire the mayor's tenacity and fortitude during an often challenging negotiation.

We thank and congratulate Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature for working so hard on behalf of our children and, through a strong spirit of cooperation, helping to bring about this historic...

President Logan's Statement About the New Chancellor

CSA is delighted with Mayor-Elect Bill De Blasio's decision to appoint Carmen Farina as schools chancellor.  Carmen is universally recognized as one of the great educators in this city.  Without a doubt, she is an educator's educator — something that we have not had for 15 years.  Carmen understands the need to restore the respect educators deserve.  Her plan to reduce reliance on high-stakes testing at the expense of innovative instruction is a welcome change.  Carmen's commitment to working with parents and all community stakeholders will restore a sense of optimism and trust in our schools.  We look forward to working with her and helping her as she guides our schools forward.

– Ernest Logan, President, Council of School Supervisors and Administrators...

A Chancellor We Believe We Can Work With

By Ernest Logan

As Mayor Bill de Blasio made his cabinet decisions with thoughtful deliberation, the media buzzed frantically around the pending appointment of a schools chancellor. When Carmen Fariña’s name was announced, you could almost hear a collective sigh of relief from the city’s educators. On CSA’s FaceBook page, over Twitter, in our email boxes, there were expressions of joy – the new chancellor’s favorite word.
Hereon in, I’ll go light on the “joy” part. Chancellor Fariña knows, as we do, that we’ll confront huge challenges and disagreements between DOE and the field. No matter who the chancellor is, we’re aware that we have to keep a sharp eye on reality. There are four areas of paramount importance to us.  You’ve let us know that they are foremost in your minds, whether or not you...

CSA President Ernest Logan Discusses CTE and Re-Authorizing the Perkins Act

CSA President Ernest Logan talks about the re-authorization of the Perkins Act and how strengthening CTE will lead to greater education-to-employment opportunities for NYC public school students. Read the guest post on the Citizen IBM blog today. Click HERE to read the full post.

Six NYC Public Schools Honored as Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence by USED

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, the U.S. Department of Education announced the list of schools recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence. Six NYC public schools were among those honored for academic excellence.The National Blue Ribbon Schools award honors public and private elementary, middle, and high schools where students perform at high levels or where significant improvements are being made in student achievement. CSA congratulates all of the staff and students of these schools. You are an inspiration to us all.

The six city schools are:

  • P.S. 199 Jessie Isador Straus in Manhattan
  • P.S. 222 Katherine R. Snyder School in Brooklyn
  • P.S. 247 in Brooklyn
  • P.S. 66 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in Queens
  • P.S. 221 The North Hills School in Queens
  • P.S. 46 The Alley Pond School in Queens

The Department will honor all schools...

CSA President Ernest Logan Lambastes DOE for Rotating Assistant Principals

Earlier this afternoon, CSA President Ernest Logan released the following memo to CSA members about the DOE's intention to rotate excessed APs and ultimately destabilize the school system.  

Dear Members:
We are extremely disappointed to inform you that even after asking Chancellor Dennis Walcott to personally intervene, the DOE is insisting on moving forward with its ill-conceived plan to rotate excessed Assistant Principals on a monthly basis, starting on Monday, October 7. They should be informing you of this right now.
Yesterday, we personally asked the chancellor not to initiate the rotation until an arbitrator rules on the issue after a scheduled October 31 hearing.  Our request fell on deaf ears.
In the spring, the DOE backed off this plan, saying that it did not want to destabilize the schools. Now, DOE...

Schools Are Sanctuaries for Homeless Students 

By Ernest Logan

Every day, we pass homeless children on our subways and streets, and few of us see them as they are. They’re usually not recognizable as homeless unless desperate-eyed parents pushing battered metal shopping carts accompany them. On their own, children are just children, circumstances unknown, like the “Invisible Child” in The New York Times series:  an 11-year-old girl named Dasani who lived in a hellish city shelter in Fort Greene. Most people see Dasani and children like her in the literal sense, but they don’t see them in the context of their sometimes horrific existence. Those few who do see them in context are probably the people who educate them. 
When I was the Principal at IS 55 in Ocean Hill-Brownsville most of my homeless children came from the Amboy Street shelter. Today, 20 years later, Principal Beverly Logan at nearby...

Support a Strong Start for Early Education on Jan. 21st

During the annual State of the Union address the President lists out his goals and agenda for the upcoming year. We want to make sure that early learning stays at the top of the list and we need your help! On January 21 -one week before the State of the Union address we will be calling on the President to include early learning in his speech by participating in a Twitter action with advocates across the country. 

Supporters are being asked to tweet photos if you believe that all children should get a #StrongStart at the President! Follow these 3 easy steps
  1. Print out a #StrongStart sign: (Here for parents and Here for children)
  2. Take a photo with the sign (feel free to...

New Report Details Mayor de Blasio's Plan for Implementing Full-Day Pre-K

A new report, prepared by the Office of the Mayor, the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Education, and the Administration for Children’s Services, details the mayor’s plans for implementing high-quality prekindergarten programs beginning this September. The mayor is in Albany this morning testifying before lawmakers about the governor's budget.

You can read the full report HERE.

CSA Says Schools Should Have Been Closed During Thursday's Storm

In a statement this morning, CSA President Ernest Logan questioned the wisdom of opening schools in the current blizzard. He said, "The decision to open or close schools during severe storms is not a simple one, but today's decision should have been simpler than most. With heavy, and sometimes blinding, snow falling on the city, and winds gusting up to 35 miles an hour, no child, teacher or administrator is safe negotiating their way to school by foot, public transportation or automobile. Over the course of the day, snow will turn to sleet and back to snow again. Travel is extremely dangerous. If ever there was a day to set aside bureaucratic concerns, today was the day. We urge families and educators to put personal safety considerations above all else."

Deferred Program Planning Initiative Update

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott sent the following notice to school leaders about the Deferred Program Planning Initiative. This is great news for our students. 

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday, I testified before the City Council Committee on Education to discuss the preliminary budget for FY 2014. As you may know, the State reached a preliminary budget deal this week that did not include restoration of $250 million in State aid related to implementation of a teacher evaluation agreement in New York City. 
In February, I asked you to prepare for this anticipated funding loss by eliminating the Deferred Program Planning Initiative (DPPI), which allows schools to roll a modest amount of money from one fiscal year into the next. I am pleased to update you today that we have found a way to avoid cancellation of this program...

CSA Reaches an Agreement on a New Principal Evaluation System

Dear Colleagues,

After a full day of arbitration yesterday, CSA and DOE reached an agreement on an APPR Plan for Principals.  This deal was reached late last night with the strong intervention of Commissioner King, and finalizes the agreement we were on the verge of signing in January. We are pleased to report that our agreement is consistent and reliable as it preserves many of the same tools our Principals are accustomed to while at the same time substantially improving our due process protections and safeguards.  For the first time, we've negotiated a true yearlong improvement plan for any Principal rated "developing" or "ineffective" with regular cycles of feedback from superintendents.  Additionally, we negotiated a strong appeals process, including the step of an independent hearing officer.  Our rating scales will continue to yield the differentiated results...

DOE Announces 2011-2012 Multiyear Performance Differentials 

The Department of Education has released the list of schools eligible for the 2011-2012 multiyear performance differentials. The differentials are scheduled to be paid on 6/28/13 for in-service members and on 7/11/13 in a supplemental payroll for members who have separated from service.

Click HERE for the list of schools eligible for the 2 multiyear differentials.
Click HERE for the list of schools eligible for the 3 multiyear differentials.

CSA President Ernest Logan Rallies Against the Use of Trailers As Classroom Space 

CSA President Ernest Logan spoke at a rally yesterday held by mayoral candidate Bill Thompson about he use of trailers as classroom space by the DOE. Often, the trailers are leaky, moldy and unrepairable. They also take up valuable yard space. In addition to Mr. Thompson and Mr. Logan, the speakers included Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., state Sen. Diane Savino, UFT President Michael Mulgrew, AFT President Randi Weingarten and Local 237 President Gregory Floyd.

Click HERE for a video clip from yesterday's rally.

NY Daily News Honors CSA Members As Hometown Heroes

At a breakfast on Thursday, Sept. 19th, eleven educators from around the city including five CSA members, were honored by the NY Daily News for their unwavering commitment and dedication to brighten their students’ futures. This was the inaugural year of the Daily News' Hometown Heroes in Education contest with more than 300 nominations citywide. A panel of judges, including CSA President Ernest Logan, narrowed 20 deserving finalists down to 11 champions in August. 

The five CSA members honored are:

  • Deidre DeAngelis-D’Alessio - Principal of New Dorp HS, Staten Island
  • Sandra Gittens - Principal of PS 102, Manhattan
  • April Leong - Principal of Liberation Diploma Plus HS, Brooklyn
  • Brian O'Connell - Principal of Scholars’ Academy, Queens
  • ...

CSA President Ernest Logan: "Unions Must Fight for All Workers, Not Just Members"

By Ernest A. Logan
Most families of children you educate aren’t any better off than families I knew back when I was last a Principal in 1997. This truth rushed in on me last month at the AFL-CIO national convention in L.A. Whether it was economist and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stieglitz or U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren addressing us, part of the message was: income inequality has soared in this country since the ’70s, no matter how much harder the middle and working classes are toiling. That includes you and me, by the way, although our situations are far better than most.  
Driving home this reality was AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka. He reminded us that the wealthiest Americans have recovered, even profited from the Great Recession. The rest have seen almost no income growth, and...

CSA Honors Its Veterans

Dear Veterans,

I want to thank you for your service in this country’s armed forces.

For too many, Veterans Day, is about a day off from work and taking advantage of sales at the mall.

On this Veterans Day, there are many men and women in harm’s way in places like Afghanistan and throughout the world.  It’s important for us to think of them and their families now.  We also must commit, as Americans, as union members, to help them transition back to civilian life once they come home. 

Fortunately, you found meaningful careers in education after your tours ended.  Let’s try to help pave the way for the next generation of future principals and educators once they return.  If you can, talk to a young man or woman about how exciting and rewarding this job can be. 

I salute you for your sense of duty and above all your level of professionalism and commitment....

“Getting it Right” – An Overview of Special Education Reform

The CSA worked with the Fund for Public Advocacy and Perry and Associates, Inc., giving information and anecdotal evidence for this study that examines special education reform in New York City. To read the report, click on the link: If you have any comments, please write to Maria Smith, Assistant Editor, CSA News at

A Holiday Message from President Logan

Dear brothers and sisters,
This is a magical time of year, full of friends, family and hopes for the coming year. A time when we feel as if we're on the threshold of a great transition. This year, as we contemplate tearing the last page off the 2013 calendar, we probably have a more intense sense of change than we have had in some time. We're looking forward to a new city administration, the naming of the first education chancellor in 15 years, and genuine forward momentum toward a new contract.
I'm sure that most of us feel our joy colored by concern for those of our fellow New Yorkers who do not have the resources to celebrate the season as we do. I personally feel the unemployed, the marginally employed and the homeless very close to my heart this year, as I know many of you do. Let us do what we can for them.
To you and your families,...

Judge Rules in Favor of Quarter of a Billion for NYC’s Children

State Supreme Court Justice Manuel J. Mendez this week issued a preliminary injunction barring NYS from taking back $250 million in education funding owed to NYC. The millions in state aid was contingent upon new teacher and principal evaluation systems.  CSA is not happy that it had to come to this, but pleased that the NYC children are no longer in jeopardy of losing additional funding.  We hope Mayor Bloomberg will use this as an opportunity to return to the  table and not as an excuse to continue sabotaging teacher and principal evaluation negotiations.

Click HERE to read more about this from the NY Times.

DOE Imposes Capricious Rotation Plan for Excessed APs

The DOE has just announced that they will begin rotating excessed APs on a weekly basis to schools within their seniority district or superintendency. CSA President Ernest Logan put out the following statement in response to this impetuous decision. 
“On the eve of standardized testing, the DOE’s capricious new rotation plan for excessed APs is inefficient and disruptive to children. Announced today, with testing beginning in April, the plan makes zero sense. Pulling APs out of one school and rotating them to another on a weekly basis in mid-year is a half-baked idea with no relationship to good instruction.  This DOE plan focuses on gratuitously moving excessed APs who have been assigned to schools since the beginning of the academic year and assigned to specific duties such as supervising certain grades, administering tests or conducting teacher observations and...

2011-2012 Performance Differentials 

The Department of Education has announced the list of schools eligible for the 2011-2012 performance differentials. The lists includes elementary, middle, high school, transfers and district 75 schools. Performance differentials should have been paid on the 3/29 and 4/15 payroll, with the majority of winners being paid on 3/29/13. 

Please note schools must meet all DOE criteria to be eligible for the performance differential. Principals and Assistant Principals whose Progress Reports scores are in the top 20% citywide are eligible.  Awards range from $7,000 up to $25,000 for Principals, and from $3,500 up to $12,500 for Assistant Principals.

Performance differential criteria can be found on the Principals' Portal through the DOE intranet. 

Click HERE to review the list for...

APPR Question & Answer

Now that the city and CSA have settled the new APPR mandated by state education law 3012C, members will have numerous questions. Here are some answers that may clarify things as we move ahead with this evaluation tool.
Q) When will I receive my first APPR on the new scale, known as HEDI?
A) The law requires that Principals receive their ratings no later than Sept. 1, 2014. The HEDI scale refers to: Highly effective; Effective; Developing; Ineffective.
Q) How is the rating devised?
A) As mandated by the state statute, 40 percent of your score is based on measures of student learning (MOSL) and 60 percent is based on measures of leadership practice (MOLP). MOSL is comprised of two 20 percent sections. The first  20 percent is...

Children's Health Survey Reveals Asthma is a Major Barrier to Learning

The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) and the Children’s Health Fund (CHF) released the results of a survey of New York City’s1,700 public school principals and assistant principals that found that poor health has a major impact on a student’s ability to learn. “Crisis in the Classroom: How Untreated Medical Problems Are Seen To Interfere With School,” found that among medical conditions cited by school leaders, 63% said that asthma was a barrier to learning for students in their schools. Mental health issues were also identified as significant problems by school leaders, with learning disabilities (87%), disruptive behaviors (86%) and depression (63%) cited as predominant concerns.

Click HERE for more detailed information from the...

CSA Requests Fact-Finding Panel to Further Contract Negotiations

CSA has asked the New York State Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to appoint a fact-finding panel to hold hearings to resolve the longstanding impasse in our contract negotiations with DOE.

CSA is now in its third year without a new contract for its DOE members. In October 2011, CSA declared impasse and asked for mediation. But that mediation has been unproductive, and the union has gone to the next step asking for a fact-finding panel to listen to both sides and make a non-binding recommendation.

The UFT began the fact-finding process last June when its Executive Board voted to take that action. Last October, PERB appointed a three-man panel to hear both sides in that dispute.

The CSA contract expired March 5, 2010. During the last round of bargaining, the city agreed to give every municipal union, except for the UFT and CSA, a four-percent raise each year over two years. CSA is...

Culture of Testing: This is Nuts!

With hundreds, I attended the TED Talks on education at BAM’s spectacular Harvey Lichtenstein Theater, an event being taped for a May 7 airing on PBS. Hosted by John Legend, the gathering included Sir Ken Robinson, Rita F. Pierson, Geoffrey Canada and Bill Gates. I was having a good time, but I felt the shadow of the Atlanta cheating scandal that had the media screeching  about the arrest of former Superintendent Beverly Hall and 34 other educators. I’d known Beverly since she was superintendent of District 27; the state Regent next to me had grown up with her. We’d liked and respected her. So when Mr. Gates, Sir Robinson and Mr. Canada began talking about the over-emphasis on testing that has invaded this country, I paid attention.  
Testing had little to do with what the speakers considered teaching and learning. There was Geoffrey warning that tests had never been meant to be used for...

Performance Differentials Announced for District 79

The NYC Department of Education has released the list of District 79 schools eligible for the 2011-2012 performance differentials. Payroll is working to distribute the differentials by the end of June. 
Click HERE for the list.

CSA Subway Ads Remind Parents That Asthma Can be Managed at School

Beginning today, CSA’s annual subway advertising campaign will appear in subway cars across the city. This year, the campaign specifically focuses on controlling asthma and is a partnership between CSA and the Children’s Health Fund (CHF).  Recognizing uncontrolled asthma as a significant barrier to learning in the classroom (more than 140,000 children in NYC public schools have asthma), CSA contacted CHF to explore solutions last spring. The subway ads will run from August 19 through the end of September. Other activities related to the asthma challenge will soon follow.
The four supervisors featured in this year’s ads are Assistant Principal Stella Kostopoulos, (PS 239, Queens); Principal Ramón M. González, (MS 223, Bronx); Education Administrator Luis G. Quan, Jr., (CFN 532, Manhattan); and Executive Director of Early Education Cheryl...

CSA President Ernest Logan Talks with TASC About Combating Asthma 

CSA President Ernest Logan recently sat down with TASC's (The After-School Corporation) Chief Communications Officer Susan Brenna  to discuss the educational effects of uncontrolled asthma and how CSA and the Children's Health Fund are working together to help combat the disease in school. 

Click HERE to read the full Q&A. 

CSA President Ernest Logan - "Shared Struggle Creates A Strong Bond"

By Ernest A. Logan

I’ve been around so long, there’s no back-to-school story I don’t anticipate:  “Mayor and Chancellor visit NYC’s Coolest Schools and Meet World’s Cutest Kids,” “Top Ten Tips for Parents,” “The Principal or Teacher from Heaven” (soon to be followed by “The Principal or Teacher from Hell”), and “Coping with Whatever.”

This year it’s the Common Core. Yet, despite the predictability, every back-to-school season I get excited like a kid with a new lunch box and friends. Like most educators, I survive on hope, and like most unionists, I thrive on fellowship...

CSA Testifies at State Senate Hearing on the Regents’ Reform Agenda 

This afternoon, CSA President Ernest Logan and CSA Executive Vice President Mark Cannizzaro presented testimony before State Senator Senator Flanagan, Senator Felder and other distinguished members of the Senate Education Committee and the Senate Subcommittee on New York City Education on the Regents’ Reform Agenda. In his testimony, Mr. Logan stressed the need to slow down the pace of the Common Core implementation and provide additional support to truly determine the APPR’s ability to measure teacher and Principal effectiveness.
You can read the full testimony HERE.

We Have Heard Your Concerns

Since the beginning of the school year, we have collected your concerns that pertain to the Advance System, Common Core Curriculum, APPR (performance assessment), new Parent-Teacher Conferences for Level 1 and 2 students and the memo soon to be published about selection of curriculum. We meet regularly with the DOE to express your concerns and ultimately resolve most outstanding issues. Below, we’ve put together a summary outlining your concerns and specific actions the DOE has taken to resolve them.

Click HERE to read.


Mayor's Last Minute Move Undermines Principal Evaluation Agreement 

CSA President Ernest Logan sent the following email message to members this afternoon.
Dear Colleagues,

After six weeks of negotiations...

New Member Benefits

CSA is  very excited about two new benefits available to our members through a partnership with Guardian.  The first is a long term disability insurance that will allow you to insure your most important asset - your ability to earn an income. This is the first time we are offering this protection and we know it is an important piece of financial planning.  The second benefit is a voluntary term life insurance program. Life insurance needs will vary by member but we wanted to make sure you had access to more protection at competitive pricing based upon our total membership.  Both of these programs will be on a Guaranteed Issue basis during open enrollment only, therefore, it is very important to review the materials we will be sending you in the future. 

If you have questions regarding enrollment, please call the Employee Benefit Hotline at (888) 600-1600. Representatives will be able to assist you...

CSA President Ernest Logan: After a Year of Tragedy, We Look Ahead with Hope

By Ernest Logan

Once in a while an event of vast consequence dominates a school year and overshadows everything.  When Hurricane Sandy came ashore the night of Oct. 29, destroying thousands of homes and transforming many of our schools into sanctuaries, we all bore witness. School leaders worked around the clock to feed and shelter New Yorkers. Some of you lost what you owned. CSA’s new building at 40 Rector St. was damaged and closed for three months. Our union set up a fund to help stricken members and the contributions flowed in.

Weeks later, a madman broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, slaughtering 20 tiny children and six educators including the principal, Dawn Hochsprung, as she tried to disarm the killer. The rest of the school year was filled with heartfelt discussion and some empty rhetoric about how to control gun violence.

CSA President Ernest Logan Responds to State Assessment Scores Linked to the Common Core

“The decrease in state test scores is no surprise considering that the new tougher tests were introduced before a comprehensive curriculum was rolled out for the Common Core and before adequate professional development was provided to our teachers and administrators.  We don’t want these scores to end up undermining the success of the Common Core, placing  the blame on educators and decimating the self-esteem of children.  We trust that education officials will stick to their word not to  punish schools for low scores and we can look forward to core standards that will gradually elevate our children’s critical thinking skills and broaden their perspective on life and learning.”

For more information about state assessment scores, please click HERE for the...

Victory - CSA Retirees Win Pay Disputes 

CSA went to bat for two retirees recently and won substantial settlements, worth thousands of dollars, for each of them. The first case involved an Education Administrator (Special Education) who reverted to an Assistant Principal’s position during the reorganization of special education some years ago. During that reorganization, CSA fought for a number of Education Administrators who were excessed. A lawsuit was settled with the stipulation that these EAs would continue to receive their current salaries even if they moved to lower-paying EA jobs.
In this case, however, the CSA member reverted to a 10-month Assistant Principal’s job from a 12-month Education Administrator’s position. She continued working for several years, taking school vacations and summer vacations earned by any  10-month AP.
But when this member retired, her final...

CSA Applauds All of the NYC Public High Schools Honored as the Best!

Congratulations to all of the NYC public high schools recognized as Best Public High Schools by U.S. News & World Report and Newsweek. 
Click HERE for the list of NYC public schools recognized by U.S. News & World Report.
Click HERE for the list of schools recognized by Newsweek (select NY to see the NY schools).

Pencil Forum Highlights Common Core; Other Educational Issues

CSA President Ernest Logan joins PENCIL President Mike Haberman (l.) and Board Chair Howard Chatzinoff (r) at educational forum.

CSA President Ernest Logan participated in a spirited discussion at an educational forum sponsored by PENCIL.

Moderated by NY One education reporter Lindsey Christ, Mr. Logan was part of a panel that also featured Meryl Tisch, New York State Board of Regents chancellor, and Kathryn Wylde, New York City Partnership president. The event was held in NYU”s Kimmel Center with approximately 250 educators and business professionals attending.

The 90-minute program highlighted several key issues affecting education including...

Appellate Division Upholds CSA/UFT Suit Against DOE to Close 24 Turnaround Schools 

CSA is pleased that the Appellate Division First Department today upheld Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Joan Lobis’s July 24, 2012 decision ruling that  arbitrator Scott Buchheit had acted within his authority on June 29 when he ruled in favor of the CSA and the UFT against a Department of Education  attempt to close and immediately reopen 24 school so-called turnaround schools.   The unions had argued that the DOE’s plan was an attempt to avoid negotiations over evaluations as well as to replace school staff.  Today, the Appellate Division ruled against the city’s latest appeal.
Once again, we are gratified that our contractual rights have been upheld and improper excessing has been deterred.

CSA Communications Department Wins Several International Labor Communications Association Awards

CSA won seven awards for its 2012 communications efforts, including first place in feature writing, from the International Labor Communications Association (ILCA).  Unions from across the country and Canada submitted entries to the competition. The ILCA is the professional organization of labor communicators in North America. LCA’s members produce publications with a combined circulation in the millions. 

CSA received first place awards for:

Writing/Feature – “The Faces of Alzheimer’s,” by Anne Silverstein and Yuridia Peña.
Writing/News – “Judge Sides with CSA and UFT: Sham Closings Will Not Stand,” by Anne Silverstein and Yuridia Peña.
General Excellence: CSA...

CSA President Ernest Logan Calls for Support of Struggling Schools

OCT. 3, 2012: Today, the DOE released a list of 36 elementary and middle schools that it has identified as struggling along with a statement about those schools from Deputy Chancellor Marc Sternberg. President Logan responded with the following statement:

“It is disappointing that once again the DOE has decided it is a good strategy to close schools without having put structures in place to support them. As I have said before, closing schools rather than improving them is a losing strategy that the city has long employed to the detriment of children from economically disadvantaged communities. This tactic usually undermines children, families, educators and communities. Closing schools should be a last resort.

“We are troubled by the DOE’s statement that it is beginning conversations with these schools now to gain a better understanding of...

CSA President Ernest Logan Addresses School Security Issues In Wake of Newtown Tragedy

In early January, CSA President Ernest Logan sat down with Rafael Pi Roman, host of  MetroFocus, Channel 13 to discuss school security and moving forward in the wake of the Newtown school tragedy.

Click the link HERE to see Mr. Logan, he appears at 23 minutes into the show.

Pension Agreement Reached for Early Childhood Members

August 2, 2012: CSA reached a tentative one-year pension agreement, from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013, with CIRS Retirement Plan for our Early Childhood Education members.  We have agreed to a pension rate contribution of 7.3%. This new agreement maintains all the terms and conditions of the former CIRS Plan detailed in the agreement that ran from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2012.

We are very pleased to reach this agreement during this time of uncertainty with the Early Childhood implementation.  Negotiations for the next agreement will begin in December when more information about Early Learn will be available.

CSA Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

CSA has established a fund to help members whose homes and lives were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. We ask all our members who survived the storm with their homes and other property intact to dig deep into their pockets to help those who were less fortunate during this regional catastrophe.
So many have suffered. The stories began arriving by email and telephone shortly after the storm surged past the coast, westward into New Jersey, Pennsylvania and upstate.
  • A Principal in Manhattan Beach is homeless, her home severely damaged by the ocean.
  • A retired Education Administrator in Howard Beach lost the first floor of his home, but hopes to rebuild.
  • A Brooklyn high school Principal lost his Long Beach home and his car.
  • An Assistant Principal’s home in Breezy Point was consumed by fire, two other Breezy Point Assistant Principals lost...

A Q&A on Lost Instructional Time Due to Sandy 

Quite a few of you have questions about making up the school days we lost due the catastrophic storm, Hurricane Sandy, which caused great disruption and even tragedy in some of your lives.  In our discussions with the NYC DOE, we discussed which days we would have to use in order to satisfy New York State law. Making up days was a matter of law and was not negotiable.  CSA, UFT and DOE had these discussions in good faith and came to the most reasonable conclusion possible. 

**The following Q & A has been adapted slightly from one the UFT put together a bit earlier.  We thank them and we hope this is helpful to you:

Q.  Why do we have to make up the days we lost during a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy? 

A.  State law requires that those days be made up. This is true in...

What Does the Affordable Care Act Mean for You?

The following article was written by Tim Foley, political director, Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU, for the September issue of The CSA News and it was distributed at the AFSA National Convention.

The Affordable Care Act: What does it mean for the average American?
Given that the Affordable Care Act has been at the forefront of the political fight between President Obama and his Congressional opponents as well as a major issue in the 2012 presidential campaign, you probably think that everything that could be said about it has been said multiple times. But many remain confused about what the law will do, when it will do it, and who stands to benefit.

First off, this legislation is only the beginning of reform, not the end. A product of political compromise, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes health insurance more secure and easier to maintain for many, and...

2010-2011 Performance Differentials Announced for District 75

Performance Differentials for District 75 have been announced for the 2010-2011 school year. Eligible Principals and Assistant Principals will receive the award on the 4/16 payroll. If you have any questions, please email

Click HERE for the list of eligible schools.