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Welfare Fund Columns 

  Dr. Douglas Hathaway is the Administrator of the three CSA Welfare Funds for in-service Department of Education members, Day Care members and retirees. Each month in the CSA News, he writes a Q&A column in response to member questions. He also frequently writes about changes in the Welfare Fund benefits as well as general information articles about how members can get the most from their benefits.

If you have a question concerning your Welfare Fund benefits, write to Dr. Hathaway at Below, you’ll find links to some of his past columns. You will also find information about the CSA Welfare Funds at


September 2011 – Health Reform's Waves of Change 

June 2011– Summer Brings Reimbursements

May 2011 – Notify Us When You Take Sick Leave

April 2011 – Spring Tulips and Reimbursements              

March 2011 – Shingles Vaccine: Expensive and Complicated

February 2011 – Summary of Welfare Fund Benefits

                            – Welfare Fund Benefit Chart

January 2011 – Shrinking Social Security Check Raises Quesion



September 2010 – Unraveling What Health Reform Means

October 2010  – Benefits 'Value' to Be Included on Tax Form

November 2010 – Basic Health Benefits for Those On Leave

December 2010 – Stores Must Honor Welfare Fund Vouchers