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Grievance Columns

The Grievance Corner is reprinted from the CSA News.

  Grievance Director Bob Reich writes a regular column each month in the CSA News. His topics include salary, annual leave, grievances, letters-to-the-file, leaves-of-absence, arbitrations, legal decisions and other timely information. Below, you may download PDFs of his columns for easy reference.

Summer 2012 – Caution: New Job Ahead Carries Risk

June 2012 – Time of Year to Talk About Ratings

May 2012 – Take Our Advice and Don't Talk Without a Rep

April 2012 – DOE Sleight-of-Hand with Transformation

March 2012 – Deconstructing Your DOE Paystub

February 2012 – Time to Think About Summer School Assignments

January 2012 – Proper Implementation of PPR Is a Yearlong Affair

December 2011 - Contract Outlines the Rules of Per Session Activity

November 2011 – Leaves of Absence, Sick Leave and Sabbaticals

October 2011 – A Quick Refresher Course on What Is a Grievance

September 2011 – Knowledge of Chancellor's Regulations Is Not Optional

June 2011We'll Help You Through the Ratings Appeal Process

May 2011What Professional Development You Need to Maintain Certificate

April 2011We'll Support You Through Difficult Times

March 2011 – Annual Summer School Selection Process Begins Anew

February 2011Enhancing the "Accountability" Factor

January 2011–  Move Carefully Among Rule "Landmines"

December 2010What Will More Investigative Staff Mean for CSA Members

November 2010 – CSA Awaits Arbitration Decision on Bonus Earnings

October 2010 – Make Sure Conflicts of Interest Don't Trip You Up

September 2010 – New Year Is a Good Time to Review Your Pay Check