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Committees/Outreach Program


This committee oversees the educational, cultural and social activities for members. These activities include overnight trips, golf lessons, wine-tastings, bridge classes, music appreciation courses, theater and book clubs, gallery trips and finance workshops. For more information about this committee, contact Lucie Elio at or Jacqueline Foster at You may also contact them at (212) 823-2020. 

CLICK HERE to download the FALL 2017 brochure and registration forms. To register, please CLICK HERE.


The CSA Legislative Committee’s mission is to use the collective experiences of our retiree members to educate our city, state and federal lawmakers in promoting subjects of importance and interest to our members and the union. In past years, we’ve lobbied for legislation to protect our benefits and pensions, lower the cost of drugs and improve veteran benefits. We work on behalf of our in-service members as well, visiting Albany and city legislators, to push for funds for professional development for school leaders as well as to support schools.

The Chapter’s advocacy takes the form of letters, phone calls and personal visits. In the spring, when the NYS legislature is in session, our NYC delegation and Westchester and Long Island members spend two days in Albany; on a single trip, we have seen as many as 60 of our state Senators and Assembly members or their representatives. The committee also seeks to educate new in-service CSA members about the value of unionism in protecting tenure and due process rights.

In addition to the central Legislative Committee, each Retiree Chapter Regional Unit has a legislative coordinator who works with the central Legislative Committee. For more information or to become involved, please contact Mitra Lutchman at (212) 823-2020.

Regional Unit Legislative Coordinators

Henry Telfer

Elizabeth Moss

Long Island
Manny Korman

John Oricchio

Lower Hudson Valley
Ronald Imundi

Eathelle Clay
(718) 231-8242

Ron Jones

Constance Testa

Dee Dee Goidel

Staten Island

Carleen Cumberbatch

Ron Ivey

Rockland, Orange, Bergen
Larry Becker 

Jeff Karger

New Jersey
Stephen Porter

Al Jurpalis

Outreach Committee and Program

The Retiree Chapter Outreach Program offers assistance to members in finding services from local, state and federal agencies as well as providing information regarding union and CSA Welfare Fund benefits. Workshops are provided on topics such as health insurance, Medicare and CSA Retiree Chapter benefits among others.

In addition to the programs at Central, each Regional Unit has an Outreach Coordinator to serve members locally. Retiree Chapter Outreach Coordinator Felice Hannah oversees training for these coordinators with the assistance of Eathelle Clay, a member of the Retiree Chapter Executive Board.

To request outreach assistance, contact Ms. Hannah, at (212) 823-2075 or email her at

Regional Unit Outreach Coordinators

Edward Melnick

Joel Friedberg

Florida (two units)
Norman Sherman

Long Island
Renee Shulman

Lower Hudson Valley
Sharon Thompson

Lois Hyman


Ivy Sterling

Maria Banks

Juanita Johnson

Bonnie Seilor

Irwin Shanes

Staten Island
William Woods

Carleen Cumberbatch

North Carolina
Nettie Williams

Rockland (NY), Orange (NY), Bergen (NJ)
Barbara Sabatini

Martin Singer

New Jersey
Sherri Tabachnick

Puerto Rico
Michelle Betancort