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Retiree Chapter: Officers and Executive Board

The Retiree Chapter holds elections every three years for the five officer positions – Chair, Executive Chair, First Chair, Treasurer and Secretary – as well as for the Executive Board. The elections occur in the same cycle as CSA's elections. Ballots are sent in the fall of an election year, and the officers/executive board members take office the following

Retiree Chapter Officers
Gayle Lockett, Retiree Chapter Chair
Joseph Rosenberg, Executive Vice Chair
John Oricchio, Second Vice Chair
Stanley Wilson, Treasurer
Janice Imundi, Secretary

                                                  Retiree Chapter Executive Board/ Advisory Committee

Harriet B. Cohen
Eathelle Clay (Advisory Committee)
Mary Covington
Marvin Goodman
Jeffrey Karger

Manfred Korman (Advisory Committee)
Laura Lucks
Vincent Navarro
Allen Nilsen
Victor Ravens
Dee Dee Goidel
Rajinder Kaur

Leonard Sterman (Advisory Committee)
Constance Testa
Lucille Vecchiarelli
Patricia Weston-McNabb (Advisory Committee)
Rosa Smith-Norman (Advisory Committee)
Candice Scott
Renee Schulman

Executive Board Alternates

Arlene Becker
Jennifer Boone
Miriam Martinez Diaz
Juanita Johnson
Eugenia Ellsworth
Mary Padilla