Governmental Relations


About Governmental Relations

Since CSA's membership works or has worked for the public sector, government policy – made on the local, state, and national levels – affect our daily lives. With 6,200 in-service and more than 10,000 retirees (and their spouses and domestic partners), the job of CSA's Political Affairs Department is to ensure that their voices are heard.

To that end, CSA's Political Affairs Department educates members about issues that affect them; organizes and trains members to participate in the political process as well as to lobby elected officials on legislation important to CSA members; asks members to screen candidates for CSA endorsements; and mobilizes members to help elect candidates supportive of CSA issues.

Outreach and Education

CSA continuously informs members about the pressing issues at the city, state and federal levels through mailings, email blasts, meetings, our website and the CSA News. By educating our members, we help them become better advocates for themselves and for their schools. CSA members are acutely aware that education is the first step towards success in any endeavor. We train members on various aspects of political action so they can advocate for education, schools, and themselves with a more powerful and effective voice.

Legislative Advocacy

CSA is actively involved in every stage of the legislative process, from introducing and evaluating bills, to testifying on issues, to directly lobbying for legislation. CSA has successfully lobbied for bills in Albany that increased funding for our schools, protected and enhanced retiree health benefits, and protected pensions for public employees.


CSA endorses local, state, and federal candidates who support the union's positions on education and labor issues. When CSA endorses a candidate, the union follows through with letter-writing and phone bank campaigns. The union also arranges for members to volunteer to work with candidates.

PAC Contributions

CSA's Political Action Committee (PAC) helps ensure that the union's voice is heard on the issues: jobs, working conditions, health benefits and pensions. PAC funds make it possible for CSA to support candidates for public office who value education and support CSA's members.


From our annual Lobby Day in Albany to knocking on doors for campaigns in Brooklyn, CSA is dedicated to facilitating opportunities for members to be politically active.


Herman Merritt,

Gabriel Gallucci,
Assistant Director

John Khani,
Assistant Director

Mitra Lutchman,
Legislative Liaison, Retiree Chapter