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Governmental Relations


Legislative Agenda

CSA's 2015-16 Recommendations in Response to Gov. Andew Cuomo's Budget Proposal

CSA supports funding of public school districts based on need as well as in line with the court decision that resolved the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit.

CSA opposes the conditions that Gov. Cuomo has set for adoption of his budget: He will give schools more money if the legislature OKs his education reforms. These strong-arm tactics have no place in funding schools.

CSA opposes the governor's proposal to bring in outside evaluators to observe teachers as part of their Annual Professional Performance Review.

CSA opposes the governor's proposed changes to the tenure/disciplinary process.

CSA opposes the governor's proposal to allow the state to take over failing NYC schools in a "receivership" role, thus abbrogating union contracts as well as ignoring the city's $150 million plan to address these issues.

CSA supports mayoral control, although the union recommends a more balanced makeup of the Panel for Educational Priorities to better reflect the school communities and the parent population.

CSA supports calls for more discussion and transparency before a charter school may expand.

CSA supports new funding for charter school facilities, and increased funding for those "conversion" charter schools - those schools that were once DOE schools, but have converted into a charter.

CSA supports the Dream Act.

CSA opposes the Education Investment Tax Credit,

CSA supports continued funding of the Executive Leadership Institute, the professional development branch of CSA, which provides continuing education to hundreds of CSA members a year with the goal of improved student achievement.