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Governmental Relations


Become a Legislative District Coordinator

The Legislative District Coordinator Program

The Legislative District Coordinator program provides members with an exciting way to actively participate in political and legislative affairs on an ongoing basis. We'll assign you to interact -- individually or in teams of two -- with your local-, state- and federally-elected representatives, fostering ongoing relationships that will benefit schools and advance the priorities of CSA members.

Your conversations will include your school budget, workplace rules, your health benefits and pensions, your due process rights and your seniority rights.

Our LDC coordinators come from the ranks of in-service members as well as our retirees. CSA's Retiree Chapter has a longstanding  program in the five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland Counties. The program focuses on both retiree and in-service member priorities.

We provide ongoing training, information and guidance throughout the year. We will occasionally ask LDCs to call, email or meet with their assigned legislators on specific topics and to occasionally represent CSA at fundraisers or other social events for elected officials.

If you are interested in the LDC program, please contact Director of Governmental Affairs Herman Merritt at (212) 823-2020 or email him at herman@csa-nyc.org