Executive Leadership Institute


Advanced Leadership Program for Assistant Principals

Now, more than ever, NYC public schools have an urgent need for strong, inspired, and dynamic leadership. The research-based literature related to effective schools and student achievement has long acknowledged the critical role Principals play in shaping a school into a cohesive and collaborative community of learners.

Recognizing the need for a systemic approach to help Assistant Principals who aspire to become Principals, ELI has designed the Advanced Leadership Program for Assistant Principals (ALPAP) to develop leadership through a variety of year-long activities. The program provides a venue for Assistant Principals who have already met the challenges of their administrative and supervisory roles; have demonstrated a readiness to become Principals; and are primed to explore the decision-making process required of a school Principal. The components of the program include partnering with a Mentor Principal, attending a series of Advanced Leadership Seminars and participating in seminar-related field experiences.

Acceptance to the program is based upon a minimum of two years experience as an Assistant Principal and recommendations from the applicant's Principal and Superintendent.

ALPAP Application for 2017-2018 (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to complete form digitally)

ALPAP Description for 2017-2018

ALPAP Brochure for 2017-2018

** Our ALPAP program was featured in Learning Forward's April 2011 edition of JSD Magazine, a publication that focuses on issues of leadership and learning. Click HERE to read more.

For further information, e-mail the ALPAP Coordinator Shirley H. Matthews at Shirley@csa-nyc.org.