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Retiree Chapter Overview

THE RETIREE CHAPTER offers CSA members the opportunity to help influence union policy after they've retired from their supervisory positions as well as to actively engage in the political process in the city, Albany and even Washington DC. In return, the Retiree Chapter offers its members educational and social opportunities, an outreach program to assist members and their families with senior resources in their communities and supplemental health benefits to the city-provided plan and the CSA Retiree Welfare Fund. Click HERE for the CSA Retiree Chapter Membership Brochure.

MORE THAN TEN THOUSAND MEMBERS and their spouses have joined our ranks since the CSA Retiree Chapter was founded in 2004. (In 2005, the Chapter formally merged with the Retired School Supervisors Association, a fraternal organization organized by CSA's founders in 1971.) In addition to central office programs, the Retiree Chapter is proud of its Regional Units, hubs of activity in the five boroughs, the tri-state region, and Florida, the Carolinas, Georgia, Arizona and California.

MANY RETIREE CHAPTER MEMBERS become politically active within the union. Our legislative committee is engaged at all levels of state and local politics, working with CSA's Governmental Relations Department to develop, advocate for and protect legislation of concern to retirees including, but not limited to, health benefits, drug costs and pensions, cost of living adjustments, school issues. Experience is not necessary, just a commitment for a block of time and the ability to understand and disseminate information to legislators during visits. Members are encouraged to contact Legislative Liaison Mitra Lutchman at (212) 823-2020.

TO ENROLL IN THE RETIREE CHAPTER: Please download the following forms. You must fill in and return both sides of theĀ Enrollment Card to become a member.

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Retiree Chapter Welcome Letter

CSA RC Enrollment Card

RC PAC Checkoff Card

RC Early Childhood Retiree Benefits

RC DOE Retiree Benefits

Surviving Spouse Packet

CSA Compensation Accrual Fund - Election Form

You must enroll within 12 months of retirement to receive immediate supplemental medical benefits. Retirees who join after the 12-month period must wait 18 months from his or her enrollment date to receive supplemental health benefits.

The Retiree Chapter office is located in lower Manhattan, 40 Rector St., 12th floor, New York, NY 10006. Please call 212-823-2020 to speak with someone from the retiree chapter.

Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For information, please contact Jessica Jeudy, CSA Retiree Chapter Secretary, at jessica@csa-nyc.org.