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CSA Leadership Scholarship

2017 Student Scholarship Application

​​​​​​Five years ago, CSA's leadership established a college scholarship fund for NYC public high school seniors. The scholarship is intended for those who have shown leadership potential, have overcome challenges to reach graduation and in need of financial assistance to continue their education. The applicant's character, rather than GPA, is what is evaluated.

Five awards are distributed to graduating seniors who have been accepted into a recognized institution of higher learning, including community college. The award is given to one student per borough based on the location of the high school the student attends. A supervisor must assess and verify that the student has great potential for success; a committee of active and inactive CSA members will review all application.

  1. Each school may submit up to three (3) student applications. One per borough will be awarded and presented at a dinner at the LaGuardia Marriott, on June 6, 2017. Each award is $2,500.
  2. There are three parts to the application that must be fully filled out: Application, Personal Statements and Supervisor Verification. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  3. The Application (1 page) and Personal Statements are to be given to the student(s) and must be filled out completely.
  4. The completed Application and Personal Statements are returned to the Assistant Principal or Principal no later than Friday, March 31, 2017, who then completes the Verification (1 page) form and sends the Application, Personal Statement (responses to the three questions) and Supervisor's Verification form to CSA.
  5. The completed forms are due to CSA no later than Friday, April 21, 2017.
  6. Do not have the student contact CSA.

Click HERE to download the Supervisor Verification Form.

Click HERE to download the Student Scholarship Application.

Scholarship applications for High School seniors are due to CSA by April 21.

Please scan the completed application and send via email to scholarshipcommittee@csa-nyc.org or mail to CSA, Attention Erminia Claudio, 40 Rector Street, Floor 12, NY, NY 10006.

Our 2017 Winners

Nicole Cortina, Fort Hamilton High School – Principal Kaye Houlihan

Kaiyell Pettie, High School of Economics and Finance – Principal Michael Stanzione

Mecca Muamba, Bronx High School of Law – Principal Michael Barakat

Emely McKeown, The Queens Academy of Careers and Television and Film – Principal Edgar Rodriguez

Angelica Alonso, Curtis High School – Principal Gregory Jaenicke


Our 2016 Winners

Hagir Elzin, Fort Hamilton High School – Principal Kaye Houlihan

Jodie-Ann Williams, Harry S. Truman High School – Principal Keri Alfano

Raymond Nunez, Life Science Secondary School – Principal Kimberly Swanson

Nia Daniels, The Renaissance Charter School – Principal Stacy Gauthier

Nicole Maley, Susan E. Wagner High School – Principal Gary Giordano