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Mayor's Last Minute Move Undermines Principal Evaluation Agreement 

CSA President Ernest Logan sent the following email message to members this afternoon.
Dear Colleagues,

After six weeks of negotiations with the DOE on a principal evaluation system -- with the understanding that this would be a one-year plan -- the CSA and the DOE were closing in on a final agreement on January 16, just before midnight. However, moments later, the Mayor intervened, demanding an agreement for an indefinite period of time. It is important to know that the overwhelming majority of school systems throughout the state have reached a one-year agreement in order to evaluate and modify it later to better serve our children. The state law provides for a one-year evaluation plan and the mayor supported the enactment of this legislation.

We resumed talks with the DOE at 11:00 a.m. today in hopes that we could still reach an agreement.  The mayor remained intransigent about his new demand and it became impossible to reach a resolution.

Above all, we regret that New York City public school students will suffer the loss of a quarter of a billion dollars of state aid.  We stand ready to resume these negotiations.

Ernest Logan