Council of School Supervisors & Administrators

local 1: american federation of school administrators, afl-cio


CSA Endorsement Policy

The union reserves the right to endorse any candidate from any party in any local, state or federal race. CSA supports candidates who have demonstrated a strong commitment to public education, early childhood education and labor issues. All candidates, incumbents and challengers, who wish to be considered for an endorsement, must submit a written request to CSA's Political Affairs Department in order to begin the process.

Once a candidate requests endorsement, he or she will be asked to fill out CSA’s candidate questionnaire. Candidates may submit additional information regarding their education and labor related platforms with their questionnaire.

After careful review of a questionnaire, a candidate may be asked to participate in a candidate interview screening meeting with a group of CSA members, including Legislative District Coordinators. Upon the union's officer’s review, details regarding the election, the candidate's questionnaires and other pertinent information about the candidate(s), such as voting and legislative sponsorship records, an endorsement recommendation is made to CSA's Advisory Committee. If approved, a resolution of endorsement from the Advisory Committee is presented to the Executive Board for approval.