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CSA Endorsements in the Democratic Primary, September 9, 2014

New York State Senate

John Liu (11SD) - He has been a consistent supporter of CSA throughout his tenure as City Council person, New York City Comptroller and now as he attempts to enter the Senate, we endorse his candidacy. 

Leroy Comrie (14SD) - Leroy’s career in politics has included membership as a Community School Board member, City Councilperson and Deputy Borough President of Queens. He has worked on behalf of CSA issues for over 20 years. He will continue to support us in Albany.

New York Assembly

Robert Rodriguez (68AD) - We endorsed Assemblyman Rodriguez in 2010 when he was first elected and he has been a supporter of our issues since that time.

Victor Pichardo (86AD) - was elected in November, 2013, in a Special Election, by less than 100 votes. We supported him in this race and he has been working closely with our Albany team to ensure that we received the allocations that we needed for ELI.

 Rodneyse Bichotte (42AD) - As a District Leader, Rodneyse has been supportive of our Early Education issues and has stood with us whenever we've lobbied  for our issues. She was recommended unanimously by a committee of LDC members from Brooklyn.

Democratic Primary, June 24, 2014

Charles Rangel (13CD) - Congressman Rangel has shown a strong concern for CSA’s mission and interests. He has consistently voted to protect retirement savings for public workers.  He has also supported the Dream Act, healthcare reform and job training programs.  Ninety-five percent of the time, he has voted in favor of the AFL-CIO’s endorsed positions.  For 42 years, he has been an outstanding champion of the working class and the middle class, standing up for working New Yorkers in their pursuit of the American dream. Charlie Rangel has stood with us and we will continue to stand with him.

CSA Candidate Questionnaire
Are you a candidate who is looking to have CSA's endorsement? To apply, please fill out the following form 

CSA Endorsement Policy
The union reserves the right to endorse any candidate from any party in any local, state or federal race. CSA supports candidates who have demonstrated a strong commitment to public education, early childhood education and labor issues. All candidates, incumbents and challengers, who wish to be considered for an endorsement, must submit a written request to CSA's Political Affairs Department in order to begin the process.

Once a candidate requests endorsement, he or she will be asked to fill out CSA’s candidate questionnaire. Candidates may submit additional information regarding their education and labor related platforms with their questionnaire.

After careful review of a questionnaire, a candidate may be asked to participate in a candidate interview screening meeting with a group of CSA members, including Legislative District Coordinators. Upon the union's officer’s review, details regarding the election, the candidate's questionnaires and other pertinent information about the candidate(s), such as voting and legislative sponsorship records, an endorsement recommendation is made to CSA's Advisory Committee. If approved, a resolution of endorsement from the Advisory Committee is presented to the Executive Board for approval. 


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