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CSA Group Works to Help Children of Veterans

posted on 10/02/2017 by Kate Gibson

Noah Angeles, principal of York Early College Academy in Queens, NYC, grew up with a Vietnam veteran father with undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. "Had my principal in my school known my dad had PSTD, maybe we could have been offered services," Mr. Angeles told a recent meeting of the CSA Veterans Committee.

Mr. Angeles has been leading an effort that involves collaborating with the United Federation of Teachers on an initiative to take care of the children of veterans, with the principal aiming to set a "new precedent around UFT-CSA collaboration at the school level."

Given information about student ethnicity is available in the ATS, the school-based administrative system used in NYC, Mr. Angeles reasons information identifying the children of veterans could also be coded in.

The principal is reaching out to NYC's Department of Veterans Services in the hopes of getting training for school guidance counselors on services available to veterans and their families. In addition to DVS, entities such as Blue Star Families, which offers free resources and services to military families.

Our union's veterans committee, which got off the ground in late 2016, plans to march under the CSA banner alongside the UFT on Saturday, Nov. 11, in NYC's Veteran's Day parade.

Additionally, CSA members who've served or still serve in the military, are invited to attend our union's annual conference on Saturday, Nov. 4, free of charge, as a means of honoring their service.