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2017-2018 NYC Showcase Schools Announced!

posted on 06/13/2017

Next year, 47 Showcase Schools from across all five boroughs and grade bands will share their journeys and strategies in implementing a variety of learning focus areas.

Showcase Schools each host three visits where visitors will learn about specific practices, the conditions that contribute to their growth and sustainability, and the story of how they came to be.

The first round of Showcase visits begin in October. 

To learn more about the Showcase Schools program, please click HERE

2017-2018 Showcase Schools with Principal Name

The STAR Academy - P.S.63 Darlene Cameron 
P.S. 188 The Island School Suany Ramos 
East Side Community School Mark Federman 
Yorkville Community School Samantha Kaplan
East Side Community High School Stacy Goldstein
P.S. 165 Robert E. Simon Aracelis Castellano-Folk
Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change Sean Davenport 
Hamilton Grange Middle School Benjamin Lev
Muscota New School Camille Wallin 
P.S. 154 Jonathan D. Hyatt Dr. Alison Coviello 
South Bronx Preparatory: A College Board School Ellen Flanagan 
M.S. 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology Dr. Ramon Gonzalez 
Concourse Village Elementary School Alexa Sorden 
P.S. 069 Journey Prep School Sheila Durant 
The Walton Avenue School Daniel Russo 
Science and Technology Academy: A Mott Hall School Dr. Patrick Awosogba
P.S. 023 The New Children's School Shirley Torres
P.S./M.S. 11X498 - VAN NEST ACADEMY Carol Ann Gilligan
Urban Scholars Community School Debra Jones
The Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice Suzette Dyer 
J.H.S. 050 John D. Wells Benjamin Honoroff 
P.S. 196 Ten Eyck Janine Santaromita 
The Brooklyn New School, P.S. 146 Anna Allanbrook
P.S. 021 Crispus Attucks Leslie Frazier 
Ronald Edmonds Learning Center II Michele Luard 
New Bridges Elementary Kevyn Bowles 
Brooklyn Science and Engineering Academy Angela DeFilippis 
Spring Creek Community School Christina Koza 
P.S. 69 Vincent D. Grippo School Jaynemarie Capetanakis 
P.S. 253 Lisa Ditillo Speroni 
Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School Robin Williams 
P.S. 012 James B. Colgate Stephanie Moskos
The Children's Lab School Brooke Barr 
P.S. 024 Andrew Jackson Debra Cassidy 
P.S. 079 Francis Lewis George Carter
P. S. 62 - Chester Park School Angela O'Dowd 
Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School Damon McCord & Pat Finley 
The Jermaine L. Green STEM Institute of Queens Raevan Askew
P.S. 095 Eastwood Kim Hill 
P.S. 150 Queens Carmen Parache
P.S. 166 Henry Gradstein Jessica Geller 
East Elmhurst Community School Rachel Staroba-Hallenbeck 
New Dorp High School Deirdre DeAngelis Hochman 
P.S. 376 Maria Vera Drucker
P.S. Q811 Penny Ryan
P.S. X176 John Siracuse 
Icahn Charter School 2 Brenda Carrasquillo