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CSA Reaches ECE Agreement with Day Care Council of New York

posted on 02/16/2017

Dear Colleagues,

We are so proud to have reached an agreement with DCCNY that recognizes you for your professionalism, qualifications, and your commitment to educating our most precious treasure: our children.

After many years of a challenging collective bargaining landscape, CSA has delivered a contract we are proud to present to you. It is a contract that provides substantial raises of 34% at minimum. Raises are retroactive to July 2015 so you will see thousands of dollars in hand upon ratification of this agreement. The raises are significant and you are more than deserving of them. There is also a hard fought for provision in this agreement that guarantees you will always make more than those you supervise.

You also told us maintaining your current doctors and health care plan was a must. This contract does precisely that. Your current Emblem Plan remains unchanged in this contract.

We've negotiated a Career Ladder program and secured a much needed infusion to your Welfare Fund.

The entire CSA leadership made this agreement a priority and we are thrilled to have delivered for you. Please read the enclosed Contract Summary for more detail and be sure to return your ballot. We look forward to meeting with you on February 28th.

In Solidarity,


You will be receiving a mailing at your home address early next week from the American Arbitration Association (AAA).  Included in this mailing is a ballot to vote on your new contract along with an explanation of the contract particulars.   If you have moved and have not updated your address with CSA, please email the new address to erminia@csa-nyc.org so that we can ensure you receive a ballot.