President's Corner


A Message from your CSA President, Ernest logan

Welcome to the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators’ Web site. We hope the site serves you well as leaders of New York City schools. As teachers, you were members of one of the most important professions that exist in our democracy, preparing our children to become enlightened and productive members of a free society. In your leadership role, you are charged with the additional responsibility of shaping an education vision for the entire school community. We are proud to represent and serve you in this inspiring role.

We know you feel both exhilarated and challenged in your leadership position. To support you, CSA constantly works to ensure that you earn competitive salaries and benefits and enjoy working conditions that foster success.

To be aware of all your rights, we urge you to be actively involved in your union. If you don’t have time to become engaged at this point, refer to this Web site regularly to keep up to date on all the information you need to do your job. This is where you will get much needed information including more details on your many benefits.

CSA contacts you on a regular basis. Please read the Member Updates we send to you each week, and contact us with any questions you have. I look forward to meeting you in your schools and at CSA’s many special events.

President's Corner

I Wish You Godspeed 06/01/17

Dear Brothers and Sisters, During the ten years I've served as your president, I've felt as if every one of you marched with me day after day to create better schools for our children and better lives for ourselves. The moment has come for me to move on and give more time to the social justice issues I care so much about. But first, I want to...

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Acting First, Thinking Later, Anarchy at the Door 05/01/17

I just had another one of those "What were they thinking?" moments, when DOE changed its departmentalization rules and diluted principals' authority to select elementary school teachers based on subject expertise and students' needs. Before that came new absentee protocols that require school principals to assume experienced...
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Use This Moment to Learn From Each Other 04/01/17

Remember when President Jimmy Carter called the USA a beautiful mosaic? A few of you weren't born yet. Even so, you probably know it means we are a country of "different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams." The phrase has entered our souls. In spite of recent headlines, we're...
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Still, Our Schools Remain Sanctuaries 03/01/17

Since Nov. 8, I have been waking up and pulling the covers over my head to hide from the latest surprise. The White House declares our courts a threat to national security, advocates a new nuclear arms race, and hands over the reins of the EPA to a climate denialist. They appoint an education secretary who talks about diverting...
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