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Grievance Information

Upholding the Contract

CSA's Legal Department, Grievance Department and Field Services handle a wide variety of issues related to the needs of our 6,100 in-service members, including 200 Day Care members, and our 10,000 retired members including their spouses and domestic partners. These departments provide counsel to the union's officers on legal matters, and handle grievances filed on behalf of our members as well those filed against them. We also offer technical support and training on responding to grievances and how to interpret the CSA contract and other union agreements.

For resolution of grievance and human resources issues, call Director of Grievances Bob Reich at (212) 823-2020 or email him at bob@csa-nyc.org. If your issue must be handled by an attorney, Mr. Reich will contact the Legal Department on your behalf.

What is a grievance?

A grievance is a complaint about an alleged violation of the CSA Collective Bargaining Agreement – the contract. The violation could be a direct violation, a misinterpretation, or an unfair situation.

What should you do if you believe you have a grievance?

Contact your union if you believe your contractual rights are being violated.Do not go to a disciplinary meeting without union representation.You are entitled to receive 48-hour notice before a disciplinary conference.

Before speaking to an investigator, discuss the matter with the union. Provide CSA with the information to support or rebut the grievance. Keep a log of any ongoing problems. Do not respond to letters without consulting the union. When in doubt, call the union.

What are the Day Care Grievance Procedures?

Step I - An employee should, within 30 days following the act or condition on which the complaint is based, discuss the matter with the appropriate representative of the Early Childhood Education Center as designated by the Center's Board of Directors.

Step II - A grievance not resolved at Step I may, within 10 working days after the completion of the Step I, be submitted in writing by the grievant to the Center's Board of Directors, which will give its written decision within 10 working days after receipt of the written grievance.

Step III - A grievance not resolved in Step 2 may, within 10 working days after completion of Step II, be submitted in writing by the union or the Early Childhood Center to the Director of the Day Care Council's Labor Relations Assistance and Mediation Service for mediation.

Step IV- A grievance not resolved in Step III may be submitted to arbitration. Only the Day Care Council, an Early Childhood Education Center or CSA may file a request for arbitration. Requests for arbitration must be made by the party desiring it within 30 working days after completion of Step III.

Who represents Early Childhood members at grievance hearings?

During Step I and Step II - The CSA Borough Chair normally accompanies the member to the conference and helps to present the case.

During Step III and Step IV - A representative of the CSA Grievance Department or a representative from the CSA Legal Department accompanies the member to the conference and presents the case.