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Grievance Information

CSA's Department of Grievances handles many contract and personnel questions for our 6,500 in-service members, and our 8,500 retired members. This Department also counsels the union's officers on contractual matters, and handles grievances filed on behalf of our members as well as those filed against them. We also offer training on how to respond to grievances and how to interpret the CSA contract and other union agreements.

Bob Reich is the Director of Grievances. Contact him at (212) 823-2020, x2037, or email him at bob@csa-nyc.org. If your issue must be referred to counsel, he will contact the CSA Legal Department.

Investigations and Emergency Assistance

CSA strongly recommends that once an investigator, for any reason, has contacted you, you should exercise your right to have union representation when meeting with that investigator even if you are only a witness. This includes calls or visits from the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), the Special Commissioner of School Investigations (SCI), the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) and the Auditor General.

If an investigator contacts you during work hours, either in person, by telephone or by e-mail, contact us immediately. We also recommend that you immediately contact us for any other work-related emergency as well.

For emergencies during office hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) call (212) 823-2020. Ask for the Grievance Department.

For evening or weekend assistance, email Mr. Reich at bob@csa-nyc.org.

When You Should Contact the Union

Per Session: If you have complaints related to per session payment, you must submit them within five days of your knowledge of the act or condition.

Contractual Issue: You must submit grievances concerning contractual issues within 20 days of your knowledge of the act or condition.

Adverse Ratings/Discontinuance: If you receive an adverse rating, you should file an appeal. Contact Mr. Reich. A union advocate will be assigned to work with you.

Rebuttals to File Letters: Fax Mr. Reich the original letter and your draft rebuttal. CSA's fax number is (212) 962-6130. You may also email him the material. A representative will be assigned to review the letters and work with you.

Investigations: If you are the subject of an SCI, OSI or OEO investigation, do not speak with investigators without representation. Contact CSA immediately. A representative will be assigned to help you.