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The CSA President’s Club was created to recognize those CSA members who have shown a strong commitment to the union and its political activities through their financial contributions.  Members who contribute to the CSA PAC at or above the levels listed below automatically become President’s Club members. President’s Club members are invited to attend special legislative receptions and other social events, and receive special gifts in appreciation of their support. 

Recognizing that there is strength in numbers,  PACs are a logical extension of our democratic process. The CSA PAC allows us to support candidates who further the ideals, legislative and policy concerns of our membership.  The CSA PAC is an important element in financing the political campaigns of congressional, state and local candidates, and we need your contributions and support to continue this work.
The contribution levels are as follows:
  • Active Department of Education Members - $192 per year (24 consecutive payroll deductions of $8 per check)
  • Active Day Care Members - $64 per year ($16 quarterly, or $5.33 monthly)
  • Retired Department of Education Members  - $96 per year (12 consecutive pension check deductions of $8 per month)
  • Retired  Day Care Members - $32 per year

For additional information, please contact  Herman Merritt , Director of Political Affairs at (718) 852-3000 or via email: