Council of School Supervisors & Administrators

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CSA volunteers headed to Albany on Feb. 10 for our Annual Advocacy Day.  We met with dozens of legislators and staff members to discuss the various proposed bills that affect our members, our children and our schools. Chief among our concerns is Gov. Cuomo's budget proposal, which included a host of education "reforms" that CSA believes would harm schools rather than help. Gov. Cuomo's proposal attempted to hold the state legislature hostage by linking increased funding for schools with passage of his education bills. Many in the state, including CSA, recognized this for what it was and challenged the governor. CSA does not believe increased funding for schools should be linked with pushing an educational agenda. To read our legislative agenda for spring 2015, click HERE.

We continue our advocacy on the part of our Early Childhood Education members, This winter/spring, we've met continually with City Coucil members and early childhood education advocates as we work toward streamlining the manner in which the city handles city-subsidized child care and pre-school. We're also preparing for contract negotiations with the Day Care Council and city over our ECE members' expired contract.