Council of School Supervisors & Administrators

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ELI Professional Development Opportunities

Save the Dates for ELI’s Summer PD

All Summer Institute Sessions have a morning sessions from 8:30 to 11:30.  
There will be a one hour lunch break from 11:30 to 12:30.  All afternoon sessions will be from 12:30 to 3:30. The workshops and other events will be held at Fordham University, Lincoln Center campus.

  • July 7-10, 2014 - School-Based Intermediate Supervisors Institute (SBISI), open to new and recently assigned APs.
  • July 14-17, 2014 - Instructional Leadership Institute open to ALL CSA members.
  • July 21-24, 2014 - Leadership Summit open to ALL CSA members.

The list of the workshop titles being offered are below. For exact dates and times please look at the registration table by clicking on the link below.

Addressing the Instructional Needs of the English Language Learner
Advance/APPR: A Guide for School Leaders
Building Vocabulary Success for All Students
Curriculum Mapping for Instructional Success
Effective Budgeting for Student Achievement in Elementary & Middle Schools
Effective Budgeting for Student Achievement in High Schools
Effective Communication to Move Your Instructional Agenda
Framing Conversation Around Teacher Effectiveness
Implementing Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design for Instructional Excellence
Improving Teacher Practice Through Strategic Letter Writing
Instructional Feedback for Early Childhood Education Educators
Instructional Leadership Through the Lens of Diversity
Instructional Shifts Promoting Academic Achievement
Leading Change: Developing High Performance Teams
Looking at Student Work 6-12
Looking at Student Work K-8
Middle School Scheduling: A Catalyst for Student Success
Moving Our Long Term ELLs Forward
Parental Involvement As Part of School Culture
Problem Solving Strategies and Solutions to Address School Issues
School Law Part 1: Problems and Challenges Facing School Leaders
School Law Part 2: More Problems and Challenges Facing School Leaders
School Leaders Toolkit for All Educators
Supervision of Co-Teaching Teams
Supervision of Non Pedagogical Personnel
Team Approach to Solving Behavioral Challenges
The 3 R's: Rigor, Relevance and Relationships
Arts Integration: A 360 Degree Approach to Teaching and Learning
Behavior Boot Camp: Tier 1 Strategies from Life Space Crisis Intervention Part 1 & 2
Common Core Learning Standards: Integrating Content and Language Through the Bilingual Common Core Initiative
IEP as a Lens for School Culture and Organization
School Leadership in a Diverse Society (Plenary & Break-Outs Sessions)
Overwhelming Cultural Inertia: The Challenge of Instructional Leadership (Plenary & Break-Outs Sessions)
Rigor In Early Childhood: Full Day Learning
Secrets to the Art of Effective Delegation
Supporting Teacher Effectiveness in the Arts: The Critical Role of Feedback
Supporting Teacher Growth with Collaboration Around the Framework for Teaching
Supporting Teachers to Plan Close Reading Experiences for English Language Learners
Teacher Evaluation Made Easy - Part 1 &2
Tenure Process: How to Effectively Prepare for Tenure
Time Management: Reducing Stress and Improving Productivity
The Nuts and Bolts of Compliance Issues for English Language Learners - Part 1 & 2
Using Music to Engage Young Children and Inspire Learning Across Multiple Learning Domains and Modalities