Former Deputy Secretary Of Labor Delbert L. Spurlock Speaks At CSA

The CSA Veteran's Council and the CSA Retiree Chapter held a lecture and reception with former Deputy Secretary of Labor Delbert L. Spurlock on January 30th in Founders' Hall.

He spoke on the topic "Help Our Veterans Save Our Nation."

Mr. Spurlock believes that the military training and discipline veterans take into civilian life can be used to address a variety of our nation's ongoing ills. For instance, veterans could provide job training, discipline and emotional guidance for at-risk youth. At the same time, this work would help veterans adjust as they reentered society. Training centers could be opened on decommissioned and abandoned military facilities across the country.

"I believe that a focus on veterans' potential as national problem solvers and assets would change the narrative surrounding veterans' issues," Mr. Spurlock said.

Mr. Spurlock is a former Deputy Secretary of Labor (1991-1993), General Counsel of the Army (1981-1983) and Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (1983-1989).

His dedication to the women and men of our Armed Forces prompted Mr. Spurlock to produce a video, before the 2016 Iowa presidential caucuses.