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Stunning Art & Hand Crafts Exhibit Hosted by CSA Retirees

Founders Hall was transformed into a colorful palette of paintings, collages, quilts and jewelry during the first art and hand crafts exhibit at CSA. All the pieces were made by CSA retirees.

More than 75 pieces of creative work was displayed. Many of the pieces such as quilts and jewelry, were made during courses taken through CSA Retiree Chapter course offerings.

The idea for the exhibit originated with Michael Ebenstein, former CSA Retiree Chapter coordinator, who began thinking of a show several years ago. Together with his replacement, Lucie Elio, plans were put in place to showcase retirees' work.

"Many retirees have discovered a new passion," said Ms. Elio. "They wanted to learn something new and many have found hidden talents they didn't know they possessed. It's been a wonderful experience for everyone."

Indeed, Ms. Elio, a former AP, has several photographs on display; a hobby she has worked at since leaving the educational system.

For others, the venue provided them with the opportunity to show work they've been doing their entire lives.

"I have been an artist since I was a child," said Diana Bryan Cagle, former Principal of the High School of Art and Design, (photo at top). "When I was young, my teachers encouraged me to pursue my talent and I did. In college I decided to become an art teacher. It has always been part of my life."

The CSA Retiree Chapter is already planning a bigger and bolder exhibit for next year, according to Ms. Elio.

"There's a lot of talent out there," she said.

The two-day event began Tuesday, June 21 and continues through Wednesday, June 22.