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Virgil Grissom Students' Photographs Most Viewed in Town

Virgil Grissom Middle School students took some of the most viewed pictures in town.

The first thing thousands of people flying into John F. Kennedy International Airport will see as they exit the planes and enter the Terminal 4 building will be photographs taken by Middle School 226 students.

Grissom students in classes 701, 703, 803 and 821 joined Principal Rushell White, Assistant Principal Jennifer Shirley, JFK President and Chief Executive Officer Gert-Jan de Graaff for a May 17 blue ribboning unveiling of the photograph exhibit, titled "NYC Landscapes. A Photographer's City – Up, Under, and Beyond."

"These photographs exemplify the vast opportunities that exist for students at MS 226 to broaden their horizons and engage in college and career readiness," said Principal White. "We are elated to have an opportunity to show the world our students' talents."

De Graaff said the exhibit is posted outside Terminal 4 because "We want people to see the photos upon their entry into the country and again on their departure from the airport. This is something they are not used to seeing in the terminal."

De Graaff has asked for duplicates of the photos, which depict different views of iconic New York City landmarks, so the exhibit can also be mounted in the customs area.

De Graaff said several people had asked about buying pieces in last year's exhibit.

"The idea was to see again and again what some of us usually see daily but in a new perspective," Jeffrey Gamble, the professional photographer and teacher who coordinated the students' work, wrote in the event program. "What better way to do this than to give young minds a camera and an opportunity!"

Grissom is located in South Ozone Park, Queens. According to the program brochure some of the student photographers had never visited Manhattan before heading there cameras in hand.

This is the second year Grissom students' work has graced the JFK space, and White said she hopes the exhibit shows that a "long lasting partnership has been formed. Our students are truly ecstatic about this opportunity."

The pictures will be on display until the end of the year.