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CSA Executive Vice President Mark Cannizzaro, Member Jennifer Lana Etzel Win Forum of Italian American Educators Awards

CSA Executive Vice President Mark Cannizzaro has been awarded the Thomas C. Giordano Leadership in Education Award, and PS 83 Assistant Principal Jennifer Lana Etzel the Michael Tomasetti Principal Award by the Forum of Italian American Educators I, Inc.

Cannizzaro's father, Mark, and Etzel's husband and two sons joined a bevy of CSA members at FIAME's 32nd Annual dinner/dance, held April 15 at the Villa Barone Manor in the Bronx.

Cannizzaro thanked former colleagues from IS 75 and the Middle School Principals Association, as well as CSA colleagues on hand for the presentation, including President Ernest Logan, First Vice President Randi Herman, Executive Director of Field Services Sana Nasser, Legal Counsels David Grandwetter and Marvin Pope, and Retiree Chapter Director Mark Brodsky.

"As a child growing up in an Italian household, I was never taught what it was to be Italian," Cannizzaro said. "I was taught what it was to be a good citizen and a good person. I was taught that you have to work hard every day because no one owes you anything.

"I was taught what I needed in a wife by watching my mom," he said. "I was taught how to treat a woman by watching my Dad.

"The most important thing I learned in an Italian household is that the most important thing is family," he said. "If you think you're recognizing me, you're not. You're recognizing my family, you're recognizing the people who supported me, and you're recognizing the fact that I am passionate about the children of this city."