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CSA Honors Scholarship Recipients at End-of-Year Dinner

CSA held its end-of-the-year dinner on June 10 and honored the college-bound recipients of the CSA Leadership Scholarship Award and the NYC recipient of the AFSA Scholarship.

The CSA Leadership Scholarship recipients for 2015 are:

Isatou Kebbeh, Bronx Academy of Health Careers – Principal Dawn Santiago
Joshua Hastings, Abraham Lincoln High School – Principal Ari Hoogenbaum
Lauren Ibrahim, Susan E. Wagner High School – Principal Gary M. Giordano
Reyna Solano, Gregorio Luperon High School – Principal Juan Villar
Cliff-Simon Vital, Academy of Medical Technology – Principal Jose Merced

The AFSA Scholarship recipient is Jozie Schroder of Tottenville High School – Principal Joseph Scarmato

CSA also honored the following retiring members, Rajinder Kaur, CSA Vice President; Nancy Westerband, Supervisory Support Program Coordinator; and the following Executive Board members: Joyce Brown Bush, Renee Raines, Wanda Soto, Joseph Taddeo, Elena Talamo, George Young