Happy Thanksgiving from CSA!

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CSA Hosts 2015 New Member Receptions

CSA held two receptions for new members on May 18 and June 2 in Founder's Hall of CSA's Manhattan headquarters. About 50 of the union's newest members attended and heard short presentations about the union from the officers and staff members. CSA President Ernest Logan, Executive Vice President Mark Cannizzaro and First Vice President Randi Herman introduced themselves to individuals and also addressed the group as did various department heads.

Also in attendance were CSA General Counsel David Grandwetter, CSA Executive Director Operations Erminia Claudio, CSA Executive Director Sana Nasser, Director of Political Affairs Herman Merritt, CSA Director of Grievances Bob Reich, Assistant Director of Grievances Jermaine Garden, Director of the Retiree Chapter Mark Brodsky, CSA Welfare Fund Administrator Dr. Douglas Hathaway and the CSA field staff.