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ALPAP Welcomes A New Class of Aspiring Principals

The Advanced Leadership Program for Assistant Principals (ALPAP) welcomed a record-breaking 71 aspiring Principals to its first session at the NY Academy of Medicine on July 18, 2014.

Enthusiastic Assistant Principals began the day by participating in a high-energy ice-breaker where they gathered random information about each other, such as who shared the same birthday month and who has musical talents and other incidental facts that help make conversation easier. "Today is really about learning about the ALPAP program and reflecting on personal skills," said Dr. Linda Gross Cheliotes, ALPAP Coordinator. Participants received Dr. Gross Cheliotes' book: Coaching Conversations. Dr. Gross Cheliotes has 38 years of extensive professional experience in school administration.

During the interviewing process for ALPAP, the program's dynamic coordinator Janet Aravena was particularly impressed with the candidates. One reason the number of ALPAP participants rose this year was the candidates' high caliber. "I feel that they are very knowledgeable in the School Leadership Competencies... I also feel they can self-assess and evaluate," Ms. Aravena said of the participants.

Dr. Charlotte K. Frank, Sr. Vice President, Research and Development for McGraw-Hill, greeted the new cohort and addressed classroom equity for special education students and collaboration with local businesses in order to gain community support and credibility. She also recognized CSA for its dedication to its membership. "The folks at CSA, they really care," said Dr. Frank.

Most participants hope that the program will move them further toward leading a NYC public school. " I would like to be able to take the candidate pool test to get a school," said Michelle Vargas, Assistant Principal, PS 182, D-8, Bronx. Assistant Principals learned about the program at other ELI workshops. "Actually, I heard a lot of great things about ALPAP, " said Anastasia Kopatsis, AP, PS 176, D-20, Brooklyn, echoing the sentiments of many of her peers.