Happy Thanksgiving from CSA!

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The Advanced Leadership Program for Assistant Principals held its graduation dinner in CSA’s Founders’ Hall

More than 100 people were on hand receive congratulations from President Ernest Logan and to celebrate completion of the yearlong course run by CSA's Executive Leadership Institute.

The festivities were followed by May 5 graduation ceremonies where Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina gave the keynote address.

CSA President Ernest A. Logan, Executive Vice President Mark Cannizzaro, and Executive Leadership Institute Executive Director Eloise Messineo addressed the graduation group.

Mr. Cannizzaro also thanked ALPAP Coordinator Janet Aravena, who announced her retirement after overseeing the training since it began 11 years ago. Aravena is a former principal of PS/IS 187 in Manhattan.

"Folks need to know that every ALPAP graduate, all the people they work with and all the students they come in contact with and influence owe Janet a debt of gratitude," Cannizzaro said in leading an ovation for Aravena.

"Janet is a intelligent, thoughtful, reflective and an ultimate professional," Messineo said. "She inspires people to do their best. Her students have been fortunate to encounter her in their professional lives."