Council of School Supervisors & Administrators

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Regional Units

The Regional Units hold at least two or three meetings a year at which time speakers, some from central CSA, the Welfare Fund and outside resources, provide information that is helpful to members.

The Chapter’s Regional Units provide members with an opportunity to socialize with  former colleagues and to perform a valuable service to the union in terms of community and political activism guided by the Unit’s Legislative Coordinator. In addition, each Unit has an Outreach Coordinator who can help members explore what services for senior citizens are provided by the federal, state and local government. Click HERE, for more information about these coordinators.

The number of Regional Units continues to grow as members increasingly express interest in forming groups. If you think you have enough interest in your part of the country for a new Regional Unit, contact Mark Brodsky at (212) 823-2020.

Below are the Regional Units Leaders’ names with their e-mail addresses and meeting dates. We'll be posting more dates for next year as they're arranged. (Meeting dates are subject to change. Please confirm with Regional Leaders before attending.)


LEADER: Maishe Levitan
Next meeting: March 25, nov. 5


LEADER: Carol Rainey
Next meeting: March 24, Nov. 4

FLORIDA - Two Units

Southeast Florida (Palm Beach) 
LEADER: Lois Turetzky 
Next meetings: March 6(Health Fair), Oct. 14 (Pre-Medicare workshop), Jan. 25, 2016


LEADER: Michael Nemoytin
Next meetings: March 27

LEADER: Lucille Vecchiarelli
Next meeting: April 22, June 24

NEW YORK STATE - Three Units

Long Island

LEADER: Victor Ravens
Next meetings:  March 30, May 29, June 23

Lower Hudson Valley
LEADER: Janice Imundi
Next meetings: April 24, May 13, June 10, Sept. 25 (luncheon)

Rockland (NY), Orange (NY), Bergen     (NJ)
LEADER: Bart Bookman
Next meetings:

LEADER: Ella Ivy
Next meeting: April 16, Sept. 29

LEADER: Georgia Harrison
(770) 693-2399
Next meeting: April 15 in Sandy Springs, GA at Ray's on the River (6700 Powers Ferry Road) at noon.  Oct. 1 (Savannah)


NEW YORK CITY - Five Units


LEADER: Marvin Goodman
Next meetings:  Apr. 28, June 3

LEADER: Ronald Jones
Next meeting: June 2

LEADER: Stanley Wilson
Next meeting: May 8, June 9


LEADER: Leonard B. Sterman
Next meetings: May 19

Staten Island
LEADER: Allen Nilsen
Next meeting:  March 24, May 12 (End of Year Luncheon)

Regional Unit Outreach Coordinators

 The Outreach Coordinators work with the central Retiree Chapter to provide services to members. You may contact them at the following email addresses: 

Edward Melnick

Joel Friedberg

Florida (two units)
Norman Sherman

Long Island
Renee Shulman

Lower Hudson Valley
Jewel Moolenaar-Marsh

Lois Hyman

New York City

To be announced

Ivy Sterling

Larry Banco

Hugh Griffith

Thelma Prince

Staten Island
Scott Miller

Carleen Cumberbatch

North Carolina
Nettie Williams

Rockland (NY), Orange (NY), Bergen (NJ)
Barbara Sabatini

Martin Singer

New Jersey
Sherri Tabatchnick
(732) 276-6404