Council of School Supervisors & Administrators

local 1: american federation of school administrators, afl-cio

Officers/Executive Board

Nominations and elections for the CSA Retiree Chapter are held every three years in conjunction with the CSA District elections for the CSA Executive Board. The last election was held in January 2010. Officers assumed office on Feb. 1. The Retiree Chapter Advisory Committee and the Retiree Chapter Executive Board meet once a month while school is in session.

Retiree Chapter Officers

Gayle Lockett
  Executive Vice Chair
Joseph Rosenberg
  Second Vice Chair
John Oricchio


Stanley Wilson

Janice Imundi


Retiree Chapter Advisory Committee (and Executive Board members)

Bart Bookman
Marvin Goodman
Ron Jones
  Allen Nilsen
Victor Ravens 
  Leonard Sterman
Lucille Vecchiarelli

Retiree Chapter Executive Board

Eathelle Clay
Harriet Cohen
Mary Covington
Jeffrey Karger 
Florence Klein
  Manfred Korman
Lora Lucks
Jewel Moolenaar-Marsh
Vincent Navarro
Irma Schonhaut
  Renee Shulman
Constance Testa
Patricia Weston-McNabb

 Retiree Chapter Executive Board Alternates

Irma Godlin
Dee-Dee Goidel
Don Juliano
Miriam Martinez-Diaz
Jim Mehlman
Rosa Smith-Norman 


Meeting Dates
All meetings take place at 40 Rector St. unless otherwise indicated. 

Advisory Committee

Jan. 8
Feb. 12
March 12
April 9

Other Events
May 17 10th Anniversary Celebration, the United Nations

June 11 Combined meeting with CSA Executive Board/Advisory Board

 Executive Board

Jan. 29
Feb. 26
March 21
April 25
May 23

General Membership Meeting: Nov. 12, 2013

Executive Board Minutes (Click month to view)

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