Council of School Supervisors & Administrators

local 1: american federation of school administrators, afl-cio


Contract Documents (2003-2010)

On April 23rd 2007, CSA reached a tentative contract agreement with the City and the Department of Education. The deal was ratified on May 16th, 2007, by a vote of 3633 to 266  (93%).

Compensation Accrual Fund

The Compensation Accrual Fund was established as part of the 2003-2010 contract agreement between CSA and the city. Department of Education members are entitled to $708 each year on Dec. 9. You must be on payroll on Dec. 9 of each year to participate in the annual deposit into your account. The first deposit, as required by the contract, was made on Dec. 9, 2009. You may download a comprehensive summary plan description HERE.

1) A CSA-hired administrator manages the members’ accounts.
2) An investment firm manages the investment of the funds.
3) The money becomes available when a member is no longer part of CSA.

To enroll: Members must return a form to PRG, the fund administrator.

  • You may download an enrollment form HERE.
  • You may download an election form for eligible distributions for plan participants, surviving spouses, alternate payees or non-spouse beneficiary(s)  HERE.

Mail the form to PRG, 276 Fifth Ave., Suite 1011, New York, NY 10001. If you have questions, please contact PRG at (212) 779-4760.

Contract Documents (1992-2003)



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