Council of School Supervisors & Administrators

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Who We Are

We are nearly 200 Early Childhood Education Directors and Assistant Directors who are responsible for the operation of many of the city-funded Early Childhood Education Centers across the five boroughs of New York. We serve in centers of early childhood education that come under the auspices of the NYC Administration for Children’s Services and local sponsoring boards that date back to 1947.

Quality care and learning in early childhood provide an invaluable foundation for children when they are old enough to enter grade school. These children maintain that advantage throughout their school careers. We are proud to oversee the early education and care of the young children of working parents who know that their two- to five-year-olds are best served by certified educators in carefully supervised, licensed centers.

Although NYC Day Care sponsoring boards banded together in 1947 to fight for the survival of city-funded programs after the end of World War II, Day Care has its roots in the settlement houses that sprang up to serve poor immigrants in the 19th century. Ever since, there has been an effort – often a struggle – to teach and nurture the youngest children of working people. We are proud heirs to the great NYC tradition that provides a safe harbor and solid learning environment for these children while their families earn a living.

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