Council of School Supervisors & Administrators

local 1: american federation of school administrators, afl-cio

Executive Leadership Institute

The Executive Leadership Institute offers cutting edge professional development!


SAVE THE DATE: On Dec. 6, CSA will host its Educational Leadership Conference. The Chapter will also hold its general membership meeting.

Labor Issues 2014

Maramont Corp. concedes to union demands on health care coverage and fair wages. Read this and other stories about employment issues.

CSA News

The CSA News is published once a month and provides information about negotiations, benefits, members and events.

President's Corner

An unreasonable approach to lump sum payouts takes center stage as CSA continues to negotiate with the city in CSA President Ernest Logan's October column.


Governmental Relations

Read CSA's legislative agenda, find out how to become politically involved in your community and more active within your union. 

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